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Incline Village Lake Tahoe

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sorry if this is not allowed to be posted here, or is in the wrong section or whatever. if it is, notify me and I will delete it

Just posting that my family has a place in Incline Village (lake tahoe, nevada), if someone is interested to rent for a little summer vacationing. 3 bedroom, King, queen, 2 doubles, a futon. and I think an extra matress lying around somewhere.
hot tube, two and a half bath, nice kitchen, living room. washer dryer, 2 car garage, and more parking to. ya has everything.
the house is like 50m or so from the golf course.

Located in Incline village. close to great beaches, great mountain bike trails, hiking trails, good food. just putting it out there, that it is available to rent. pm me or email me at powderhound100@gmail.com if interested.
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I used to work for Lake Tahoe Accommodations. They are a rental-property management firm that has an uncountable number of residences at their disposal for renting-out to tourists. They're pretty much the biggest lake-side property rental agency.

I would suggest NOT going with them. They have so many properties to fill, it's ludicrous. Most owners lose money while working through LTA.

Then again, if you'd like someone to keep an eye on your property, hold a key, and keep it clean, they may be worth a call. If you are looking to cover bills while not visiting, do as you are doing here at epic.

With all due respect, 10 years ago it was quite the pipe-dream for owners to think that they could profit (or at least come-out even) on renting out their tahoe cabins. Just my .02

Use LTA if you want a steady eye on your property. Don't use it because you want to fill your cabin wth tourists. It won't happen. It may, however, get filled by employees' visiting families. But I wouldn't know anything about that.

* I know you didn't post here seeking info on LTA. Nonetheless, I think you're right in posting here and offerring your tahoe house for summer tourons. Good move.

By the way skiers, Tahoe summers blow the Tahoe winters out of the water. If you have ever wanted a summer destination, you should go to Tahoe. Pristine waters, clean air, few storms, killer Mtn Biking and hiking. Oh- and the fishing rocks, too. Summer sells Tahoe more than the acclaimed winters.
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Oh, and Incline Village provides the BEST burritos in the world.

(I've traveled a lot, trust me.)

Actually, if you consider selling the family winter retreat, pm me. I may be moving home soon.
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yes T's is amazing.

its my dads place (im 17..i wish it was mine haha) he bought it because he sold some property somewhere for tax reasons. actually he is looking to sell it.....but the rest of the family doesn't want him to.

We have never set the house up with a rental agency. We try and use it as much as we can in the winter, but in the summer, we have two sets of grandparents etc. that we have to visit.

when are you planning on possibly moving "home"
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this fall. It's still up in the air, however.

T's, that's it. I forgot the name. those pork tenderloin burritos are nucking futs.

Those burritos would be worth the trip themselves, bears!
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I prefer the chicken, but everything is good, and lots of green sauce "salsa verde"

gotta get some pics from my dad, will post in a day or two hopefully.

and samurai, I dont think you will have trouble finding a nice place to buy, if your interested in this place (once you see the pics etc.) then talk to me, but there is tons of houses on the market, you can bid pretty low to, and some people will sell.
unless your looking for lake side or lakeview, those have not gone down much.
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