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Best time to go to Utah

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I'm trying to plan a 3 week trip, 2 weeks in Utah, then a week in NYC. What would you consider the best 2 weeks to go to Utah, bearing in mind President's week, spring break, the Sundance Film Festival, and cost/crowds v optimum snow conditions?

I'm having trouble with availability of accommodation after mid Feb (presidents week) is it really that crowded that accommodation is booked out already? I'm new to Utah, but never had this problem even in bigger Colorado resorts.
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I got a dorm room at the Peruvian, president's day weekend, in late December.
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The week before or after President's Week unless that's Sundance. I think you'll be able to find something. You can even stay in SLC and take the bus up to Alta/bird if you don't find the "resort experience" important. It's cheaper and the busses are great.
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Why not choose the first two weeks of February? It's after the Sundance Film Festival, before President's Day and snow coverage should be excellent!
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