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Hiking in Utah

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I have a business trip to Logan, UT later this week. I'll have about three hours of free time to hike somewhere between SLC and Logan. Any suggestions?
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In Logan canyon you could do the wind caves hike. South facing trail is all clear. It probably won't take 3 hours, though.
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Second on the wind caves. I havn't been out for a few weeks but am sure the north facing slopes are still snow covered (or really muddy) as is anything higher up the canyon. You can make it into a three hour trip if you pack a lunch and eat at the top. My daughter and I like to do that quite often. We stop at Subway or better yet Old Grist Mill and pick up a sandwich on the way up the canyon.




half way down the list.
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UTpowder and tromano: Thanks, I'll check the trail out tomorrow. WN
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Apparently, it has rained a few days prior to my hike, but the trail had no mud or snow last Wednesday. The vertical of the trail provides for a really good work out and the views and the caves were very cool. The hike was just what I was looking for -- thanks again.
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