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Hell Bent's

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I am thinking about getting some hellbents for next season. are there any problems with the ski, can they break if i land back seat off a cliff or off a big jump, do they work at all on the groomers or in the park. i have heard that they are best center mounted
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Try the search function here & at TGR.
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They are awesome powder sticks, happy with any speed or turn size. They are as good as any 122mm ski on groomers ie manageable but a bit of an effort to get them up on edge. I haven't taken mine in the park. I have mine mounted +1 which is further back than most but I am happy with them there, it is impossible to get the tips to dive and the sweet spot feels huge. Don't get hung up on where to mount them because they are happy with anything.

Overall in anything more than 3 inches of reasonbly soft snow they are just ridiculously fun and happy to do whatever you want.
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Nice choice, but yea, they won't break if doing a large cliff, you're generally going to be landing in soft snow, but I wouldn't recommend them for large park jumps. Rails and boxes in the park are super fun, butters, presses, really fun to mess around with. Groomers are not a problem at all, its kind of fun to rip some turns with them when going back to the lift. Mounting position just depends on how you're going to be skiing them.
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any one landed a cliff switch on them, my seths dont have enough tail to land swich powda, i usualy pull off a mondo switch-a-hawk
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C'mon, are you trolling?

If not, just go to Google and search for Mahre &/or Fujas videos. Or download any of the Hunting Yeti stuff.

Case closed.
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Amazing at POW/Park

Not sure about groomers, they might still rip
but were designed for pow and park since they are fat
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I would caution that this is a love it or hate it kind of ski. If you are after a playful/jibby ski that will do powder, then it should be on the list. If you want a big mountain powder ski, LOOK ELSEWHERE. I had limited time on some 189's, but I was less than impressed.

After spending the morning on Sallie Rockers skiing pow, the HB's felt like a rockered Pocket Rocket, but nowhere near as fun. Mind you, I'm so past the jibby thing that this ski was likely wasted on me.
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