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Need Summer Family Vacation Ideas in the Northeast

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Need something to do this summer for four-five days with two seven year olds (son and niece) and two adults.

Within 2/3rds day drive of eastern Massachusetts.

Fun for the kids. Lots of stuff to do. Fun a amusements and/or educational fun is okay.

Plus, a bit of nice stuff for adults, shopping the kids could suffer through for an hour or two, a couple nice dinners, etc.

A couple years ago we did Niagara Falls and that was perfect. Stopped at Howe Caverns in NY state on the way out. Stayed in Canada and did the falls, amusement parks, circus, Niagara on the Lake, Ft. George, etc.


My wife hates the Cape (Cod) so probably that's out.

My niece has grand parents in NH so Mt. Washington Valley she's already done a lot.

I have family in NJ and we did the Jersey shore last summer.
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My gf and her hubby are going to Smuggler's Notch, VT. Is that pretty close for you?

There are tons of things to do around there. I'll try to get more info about where they're staying and things to do.
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Oooh! We have done Bar Harbor/Acadia area with a small child and had a GREAT time!
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Two words.

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Have you considered Lake Placid and the Adirondacks? How about Montreal or Quebec City?
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something with a lake would be imperative IMHO. I just watched "What About Bob" - how about Winnipisaukee?
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Originally Posted by JoeSchmoe View Post
Have you considered Lake Placid and the Adirondacks? ...
DING DING DING we have a winner.

Did a family vacation there several summers ago - kids in 7 - 10 y/o range - rented a house in Jay NY and did day hikes in / around the High Peaks area as the main daily activity. I'm guessing if you're asking on epicski and not a Disney forum that would be of interest.

Besides hiking of course the town of Lake Placid was fun with Olympic venues and high level competition always going on (saw US women's hockey v. Canada - WOW), and there's swimming and boating if that's of interest too. We took a day off from hiking and did lazy swimming and picnicking on a riverbank one day. And I think there may be amusement park type places on your drive up or nearby if needed.
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Just make sure the Adirondacks aren't during black fly season. : My friend's summer out there and they said for about 3 weeks in either June or July (can't remember which one) they black flies are horrific. BElieve me, you don't want to experience that let alone with kids. :

I'm not sure about other seasons farther north but I know we've had problems with them in the UP of Michigan a few times. Check out if you're heading north.
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Blackfly season is now, through the end of June, I believe.

Burlington, VT is a neet place to go.....nice waterfront park, closed off to car traffic downtown with acrobats and jugglers on the weekends to entertain for free, lots of museums in the area. Hike Smuggs. Tour Magic Hat brewery on the way home (well, the kids can look for bugs outside)

If you take Rt. 100, you can hit half a dozen ski areas and hike them on the drive up or back home. Most ski resorts have stuff going on in the summer.
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NYC... Plenty of kid's plays on Bway , row boats in central park, empire state building, circle line cruise around Manhattan, statue of liberty...the list can go on and on..There is always a YANKEE game at night.
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Tons of options here. Here are a few...

- ditto for Smuggs. Nice adventurous yet educational camps for the kids (don't do the dance/show option - it's very popular but it's catered to the wimps). Visit nearby Burlington and Stowe. Hike Manfield and the many other opportunities. Boulder hop the notch (a must do with the kids, IMHO). Shop the ski shop for off season bargains. Hit the water way if you're into that.

- ditto for Lake Placid. Kinda neat atmosphere and attractions. But, do some planning before you go as the events and their schedule are kinda scattered. Do the tours - especially in the ice complex (or whatever they call it there). It's well worth the $6/person. Visit Whiteface.

- Finger Lakes region. Visit/camp the many state parks, trails and gorges. Do the wine trails (you can bring the kids too as they can taste fresh grape juices there). Many progressive (or not so progressive) towns.

- Thousand Island. Crystal clear water in the St. Lawrence. Beautiful coast line.

- Georgian Bay, Ontario region. Beautiful coast line. Nice hiking opportunities. Longer day.

- many rough/wilderness camping opportunities on the West end of 'Dacks. Sites are well spaces. Cheap/free. Beautiful and private beaches. Bring a canoe or rent one. Extra piece and quiet. Warning: can be very deserted.

- visit the zoo/safaris in Ontario and Quebec. Pretty cool for the kids (and adults too) to come close to the animals. It's highly recommended that you use a rental car if you have a convertible or a vinyl roof.

- any of the remote State Parks in PA. More rustic than the Finger Lakes.

- white water rafting at the Bershire (having done this yet but heard it's tons of fun with the kids)
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I like Maine myself (either on one of the lakes or along the coast), but as a kid, Lake Winnipesaukee NH was probably the coolest family trip I can remember. There is a lot to do there for kids and adults.
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I was gonna say Maine too maybe Bar Harbor.

I like the Cape, would have said that but ... Maine is nice. Also Nova Scotia possibly if you want to travel a bit and sightsee.
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I'll throw in another vote for the Adirondacks. We've camped at Raquette Lake for several days the last couple years. The kids love the campground (bring their bikes) and the beach. There are plenty of easy rock scramble hike/climbs in the area. And for a different day go to Old Forge to the Water Safari -- lots of fun if the kids like water (bring a cooler and find a good spot to leave it in the park). You could swing up through Placid also. Bring kayaks if you have em and rent them if you don't...so many place to paddle up there.
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Originally Posted by ct55 View Post
I was gonna say Maine too maybe Bar Harbor.
We go to Maine every summer. Hang out on the beach. Boring as hell. Everyone likes it but me. Sometimes there is big surf and I get to play in the waves with my kayak. Other wise...dull but nice.

Bar Harbor is really nice. Block Island is wonderful and so is Martha's Vinyard. Never been to Nantucket, but I'd like to. We sail from Long Island to Block Island to Cuddyhunk to Martha's. Nice wind and not too much fog.

I like to hit all the swimming holes in VT, but no one else does.

If you get desparate: Coney Island:
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Obviously ANYPLACE in teh Adirondacks /1000 islands ( I'm biased )and another spot thats both a beautiful mountain- ringed Lake with PLENTY of attractions ,water parks , amusement parks shopping etc is Lake George/Bolton Landing / Diamond Point areas in the Dacks near Saratoga which is yet another beautiful spot with interesting cultural and sporting attractions and on interstate 87 1 hr north of Albany and and easy side trip to other venues like Placid < Blue Mtn Lake , Burlington etc
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There's a great swimming hole on the road from Rt 100 over Windham Hill Rd I think it is. Have to ask my cousin because it was a walk off the road maybe a side dirt road ... you can get to Magic that way too.

It's like a natural water slide with several pools.
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Adirondacks....for sure. I have a house in Gore waiting for you to rent..PM me.

Old train rides down the Hudson 1 mile away.

White water raft the Hudson..

I have a canoe, lots of lakes real close.

Lake George 20 mins away..major amusement park, with water.

Adirondack muesum--living type really awesome. 1 hour drive..I think.

Lake Placid 1 hour away.

Climb Gore...1 mile. THey may have the gondola running too.
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