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Atomic SX:9 Puls Ti

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I've purhcased in the beggining of the season Atomic SX:9 Puls Ti 2007 year , in the beggining it was ok , for the first maybe 10 days of skiing , but after that ( I have improved my skiing fantastically compared to the beggining , maybe from the 4 th level to the 7-8 ) I was feeling that there is something strange with the ski , it was ok on normal speeds , but on the high speeds i was feeling vibration , what was making me very uncomfortable ,generaly ski was very rough ...
Next year i am thinking to purchase SX10 or SX12 , what would u suggest about these skis , are they of the same sort , or they will be more comfortable ?
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I say go for the 12's. SX12 will be more stable at very high speeds, be able to deliver more force for harder turns on hard pack, and just a little less forgiving than the sx10. However, if you plan on spending a lot of time in bumps, then the 10, being more flexible might be a better bet. Neither ski would be a good choice for off-piste.
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