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Salomon 1080 foils

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What can you Bears tell me about 174mm 1080 foils(2007). I came across a deal for $265. They are new in the plastic. I am 170lbs and 5'9 " tall. Level 7-8....Please advise!
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Go for it. Great all mountain twin.
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Argh!!!!!! Salomons are known to be skis that people either love or hate, with no middle ground, and the Foil is more bipolar than the typical Salomon. Personally, I hated them and I generally like Salomons. The Foil is a pure finesse ski. They don't respond well to being pressed hard and are twitchy and hooky in heavier snows, especially heavier crud. On the other hand, I know some very good skiers that love them because all they have to do is think and the ski responds.

You are the right size for the Foils. (They wash out for heavier skiers.) If you have a light touch and don't go bombing around off-piste they might be a good fit.
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