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Dual Slalom Pro Racing

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I was a big fan of the dual sl pro racing format in the 80's and early 90's and was lucky enought to do a little of it at a recreational level (complete with barn door start gates and mid-course jumps on a good day!) Can anyone tell me if this format survives anywhere in the world today and where I can find any info on the halcyon days of pro racing?
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It seems to be surviving here:
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Originally Posted by Martin Bell View Post
It seems to be surviving here:
That is very cool.
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Off the top of my head I would say check Japan--they used to love that stuff, and other arcane forms of skiing competition.
Personally I always thought that format, particularly in SL, was retarded--the double cross-block, or whatever they used to clear the paneled(!) SL gates. Poor Felix McGrath.
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Why even attempt a cross-block? Just clear the gate with the inside arm like a pannelled GS gate. Most of the time the course rythm was somewhere between a GS and SL and not too far across the fall line anyways. The Bozo Cup--now that looks like fun!
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Hey those are my skis!

Tough ruts. Some video of some dual format crashes from our night league.
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that is gaper gapin. they do it in pakrats and city legue in the north west
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Sugar Slalom tradition, every Sunday of the festival, dual gate, dual panel slalom. Usually the best points race for open USSA in the country.
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btw Bozo cup doesnt even seem to be slalom per gate width or lenght.
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