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Links in Signatures?

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I was just wondering what Epic's policy was on links in signature blocks? I have something I would like to include (not for profit, ski related).

I've done a search and only come up with stuff to do with not being able to view them if you've got less than 10 posts, but I couldn't see anything about allowed content.
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We allow supporters to put non-commercial links in their signatures, and some commercial links with approval. Signature links are enabled for all supporters, but not for registered members. Sponsors can use promotional links and post sales and do promotions with the idea that they will provide members and especially supporters great deals.

Bottom line is, supporters make the site possible and they get a great deal of latitude and extra space for doing signatures, signature avatars and so forth. And...thanks for your support!
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Thank you, thought I had better check as different forums have different rules.
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You are way too polite.
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Why, thank you...

Actually, in real life I'm a stuck-up, pompous arse. Or at least I have been known to be...
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