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A different "What ski" question

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What ski, or if you prefer what type of ski (SL, GS, SG, DH racing, all-mountain, etc.) have you got the most milage on in your total skiing life, and what ski have you got the most milage on in the last two years?

For me it's SG for total milage, and my Fischer WC SCs for the last two years.
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I prefer all-mt twins, but they aren't as much fun in the Midwest as an ice-handler.

Most mileage lifetime: Rossi Mountain Viper 9.9
Most mileage in last two years: Rossi Scratch FS
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Most mileage in the last 2 years= legend 8000.
Doesn't specialize in any one area but doea everything pretty darn well.
It's a pretty good default ski when your traveling and can't take along a quiver.
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I've skied my first-gen goat for the last four years whenever the trees have been doable here in Japan. Basically Jan-April.

the natural-wood sidewalls are growing moldy. I love it. And I love the way they sound when skiing over smaller branches, etc.
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Fun question.

Most on one model ever in my skiing life was the K2 712 (theoretically a toned-down slalom race ski from 20 years ago). I probably skied a total of 350-400 days on three different pairs of that ski.

Most last season was the Head SuperShape Magnum. The season before that was the Head iM88.
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Most total days on a certain type of ski would have to be on multiple models of old GS straights

Most days on one model would be on mid 1980's Dynastar MV 5's where over three years I logged about 330 days on two separate pairs of 207's and 204's
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Most total days lifetime is a GS. My one ski quiver from 1987 through 1998 was a pair of 195 cm K2 812s. I lived on Long Island then Texas durning that time and only skied about 5-10 days a year. I've put over a hundred days on several other skis previously, but not over that long of a time span.

Last year my Salomon Scream 10 Pilots got slightly more attention then the rest of the skis I bought over the season, mostly because I'm new to the shaped ski era so I bought a bit of everything I missed out on over the last 20 years and skied them all. But, I usually ended the day skiing the easy going Salomon noodles because they are easier to ski on when tired-a lot less work than more agressive skis that I rock earlier in the day.
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Last few years I skied my Atomic M:EXs probably 3 to 1 over all my other alpine skis combined. This was a big powder year so I was on my fatter boards closer to equal time this season. My M:EXs follow my privious all-mountain boards (their predecessors) the R:EX, not to mention my AT skis, which are 10:EXs. Stuck in a rut, maybe, but a solid all around damp ski that fits my style isn't worth throwing away for the latest new hot thing. Still the only ski I've found that can rail hardpack, ski steep bumps, powder, and handle crud like a champ, all with a smooth solid feel. If it aint broke, don't fix it!
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Most mileage on any type: SL race. From Atomic ARC SL, Hart Comp SL, Olin, Volkl P9 SL, Dynastar Coup Du Monde SL. Lot's of days on straight SL skis here in the east coast. I liked long SL skis, either 205 or 207 stable yet still pretty quick.

Most Mileage on any ski model: Dynastar Coupe Du Monde GS. 2 pair of 210cm, one pair of 207cm about 450 days spread among the three pair. The 207 was my favorite ski in the bumps ever.

Most Mileage in recent years: Head iM88, it does everything I want.

My lifetime ski days are probably 70% straight skis 30% shape skis.
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Most mileage overall: Sl's, because for most of the past half century, you could choose Sl-type or GS-type designs, period (before that, just stiffness). I went with former, even though I lived out west. Specific model: Rossi 4S. Most in the past two years: Carver/SL's; Head Supershape. Now I live in the east. What can I say?
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Most overall mileage--Probably my old Dynastar Course SL in a 203, the ones with the red heart on/in the shovel. I figure it was these skis as they are the only pair I've skied until they broke! I just found it easier to coax a long turn out of a slalom ski than a short turn out of a gs ski. Last season it would have been my Rossi Vipers in a 193 with a 23 mtr radius--so much for short turns! Being a late comer to the shaped ski thing this was as short as I felt comfortable going! Anyway, I have somehow mysteriously lost a whole bunch of fast-twitch muscle fibers over the last few years so its not such a bad thing.
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AK Enemies. I have had the damn skis since they came out in 2001 and I have yet to destroy them. Despite being moved to "rock ski" status, I still skied them ~30 days this season - with nary a rock in sight.

This season was

106's - 25% (deep powder days)
AK Enemies - 50% (deep powder days when my son had my 106's :, not so deep powder days)
RX8's - 20% (teaching, skills practice)
RC4 SL - 3% (screwing around on groomers)
All the others - 1%
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I still have more days on GS skis than anything else, but for the past couple of years, I've spent about 80% of my time on SL skis (better modelling for the kids I coach).

Most number of days & most seasons on one pair was about 125 days over 5 years on my first set of Squadra Corse GS skis.

The shortest period I've ever been on a pair of skis was a single afternoon on a pair of Head Yahoos -- they were the only skis available on an occasion where I broke my own skis. I couldn't wait to give them back.
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this season rocked I would venture to say that I used my 2 powder skis(seths, thugs) slightly more than my Pes, RC4.

My snoops went negelected all season but have gotten out more now that spring touring is in full swing here.
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Most days goes to my squads. Probably 120 days on them. I'm in the market for some replacements if anybody has a pair of 194s that they want to let go for cheep lmk.
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Most mileage, old style straight slalom (not race stock). Most seasons, hypercavers.

Current skis, '05 K2 Super Stinx. Category =? telemark groomer cruiser!?. Gawd, that's even more embarassing than the hypercarvers.
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Most mileage by far: Elan Titanium C 203cm

current: Ogasaka EC-R 170cm
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Hmmm, I can't narrow it down more than this: the first 58 years of my skiing life=long ones, the last five years=short ones...

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Rocked the Gots this year....25 + days on them....almost all soft and fairly deep snow....love them lots. Hard days...hit the PEs and old school Legend 8ks....they carve it up nice when its hard off piste. Key to have the right tool for the job.
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Originally Posted by PhilT View Post
I'm in the market for some replacements if anybody has a pair of 194s that they want to let go for cheep lmk.
Those 5cms are going to kill you.
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Most mileage on a pair of skis - definitely my first pair of Volant Chubbs. They wear like steel because they're made of steel. I probably skied close to 100 days a season for 3 seasons on them before I got a second pair, and finally realized that the first pair was pretty worn out.
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Most mileage in my life is definitely GS skis.

Last couple years its something medium stiff with gs type shape but somewhere between 95-104mm underfoot.

This year almost half my ski days were on moment comi kazis, and trust me, all those days truly warranted them.
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The skis I've put the most time on have to be Pocket Rockets. They were my only skis for three years, which translated to a little more than 100 days for me. From PRs I went to V2 Chubbs/Machete FBs. That was my quiver for two years. That brings me to this past year. About 90% of my 49 days were split 65/35 between K2 Cabrawlers and PEs.

I loved the 'fat' skis but after getting used to the 66mm Cabrawlers (it took about two runs) I decided that they were my ski of choice unless there was more than 8" of new.
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The Dynastar Contact 11 was used more than any other ski by a factor of 4 during the last two years. Regardless of Vermont ice or Alberta powder, these were always good to use.

30 years ago, I used a pair of 210cm Dynamic GS skis for about 150 days over 3 years, they were camberless with rocker tips when they were retired. Yes, they were great in powder.

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I agree with Bob on the K2 712--I was on that model for several years, finally replaced the alpine binding with three pins and used them as my telly skis. They are still in the basement.

My favorite ski the year before last was the Lotta Luv (78 mm waist). Last year it was the Tough Luv (88 mm waist).
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I'd like to see you freeheeling on those 712s.
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Originally Posted by telerod15 View Post
I'd like to see you freeheeling on those 712s.
I also want to know what boot she used, Dolomite fan that she is/was.
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I got the most mileage out of a pair of mid-70s 207cm Dynastar S730s. (Did they make slalom skis back then in any other lenght?) The S730 was Dynastar's SL ski the same year the (im)famous Rossi ST-650 came out. They are the only ski I ever owned I got over 100 days on.

Over the past two years I've gotten the most mileage out of my Nordica Ignitions. They were suppose to be my goof-around twin-tips but turned out to be a great all-mountain ski for the conditions & terrain I ski around here.
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To both questions, I'd have to say the assortment of different models of Chubbs I've owned.

In the first ten years I skied, during my youth, I never logged many days, probably never more that 25 days per year. I skied my Spalding Comp Fs for a few seasons, however, just this season I skied nearly 90 days on four pair of Chubbs (three of which I did serious damage to), last year probably around 50 or 60.

Chubbs rule!
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Definitely, for most of my skiing life I used GS skis. When I was able to affor more than one "current" pair, I bough me SLs skis too, but it was well before the "shaped", the all mountains, the park&pipe, the Fun carvers skis evolution, in short more than a decade ago.
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