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Comments on today 's World Champ race (contains results hints )

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I don't know if today's SL has already been aired in the USA.
If it hasn't, and you don't want to know or guess from reading what comes, please stop now)
Now, I was apalled to see Bode mistake in the first run, I nearly dropped off my chair. Of course I'm for my national team as any good person ought to be of his/hers.
Still, cannot stop and think that, if not for that wrong habit
to not wear the strap poles, Bode could have finished his first run in a far better position than the seventh, a position that would have allowed him to put some psycological pressure on to Kostelic. I beleive he could have ended second, if not first,
and then release everything he posses in the second run, and probably win! Imagine what a coup!
Why o why does He not wear the straps?!?
Especially in a race like the World Championships, where it's only the race, and any mistake cannot be made up as the season unfolds, I think he's paid that mistake dearly.
Moreover, he has approached the second run in the wrong state of mind, finding himself in ta position where he needed to pursue rather than control the race!!
Another comment, He uses mittens, not "normal" five fingers gloves which, could have allowed him that extra grip
which could have let him keep the pole!
Talk about details which cost you a (ok another) Gold medal!
Maybe this is all talking after the fact. Maybe Kostelic would have won anyway...still :
And now, at last, another medal for Ialy!
That make two, how meager a treasure we bring home!! :

[ February 16, 2003, 01:00 PM: Message edited by: Matteo ]
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Matteo, there are a lot of things Bode does that seem ill advised, undisciplined and unorthodox....he was a coaches nightmare up until this season. Now they will queue up to take a bow...and a bit of credit. He has always done it his way, and like it or not (I don't, I coach)it has served him well....give the devil his due!
On a different note, cool things at the WC. A long time since misters Huega and Kidd shared a podium for the US...they called Bode and Eric. If you took the top 7 or so for each event and counted up points, North America vs. the Euros...no we have a great rivalry in the making! Great old stars (Kjus, Aamodt, Nef, Eberharter) present stars (Bodean the Koselics)(Reisi Steigler, Jan Hudec, Hosp, Brydon, Simard, Guay Janyck, Ludlow etc.)stars on the rise, redemption for (Scholpy, Wahlhoter, Turgeon Forsythe and Mendes)....GOD, I LOVE A HAPPY ENDING!!
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I think that the pole strap is of no consequence. If he was wearing the strap, the pole would have been tossed about, possibly tangled with the gate, or even launched back at him. all of which would have been distracting and causing him to loose time. all in all, he did what was necesary to remain focussed and finish the bet that he could in a bad situation.
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I don't have a problem with Bode not using pole straps. You can't predict outcome, you may be able to regrip if you have the strap on and then resume your run, but as Bode said in the interview you may not be able to get ahold of it and then the reprocusions can be worse then having no pole in your hand at all. It's like the seat belt issue, sometimes they can save you but sometimes they can kill you.

I would have a suggestion for Bode though. If he's not going to wear them then get them right of his poles. I raced for years with no straps (and by the way never dropped a pole) but I removed them from the pole. That strap I saw flapping around Bode's pole is just something to potentially get hung up on a gate or his equipment, and the way Bode's hands are all over the place that certainly is not out of the realm of posibility.
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I have seen this with Bode and it has puzzled me. Steve Porino actually asked him about that between runs and his answer was really straight forward. In slalom he thinks that a dangling pole might screw you up more and possibly make you fall by you stepping on the pole. He has had more bad experiences with a dangling pole than a lost pole. Bode also added that he hit his hard so hard that it turned numb and he would have had no chance of gripping it anyway. He has his reasons as he also has his reasons for wearing the mittens. Right now it is really not much reason to go against him. What an athlete and ski racer he is!

A second comment about NBC today. I sent my customary flaming e-mail complaint as I felt they really dissed the rest of the US team. Tom Rothrock posted the fasted second run time, but it was evidently not worth showing. A kick in the teeth to him, his family, coaches and friends as I know he has worked incredibly hard to get to St. Moritz. NBC can reward these hard working skiers that get very little recognition for what they do so incredibly well by showing them. They don't. Today we saw two runs of Bode and one run of Eric. Congrats to Bode and Eric on the men's side for their medals, but I also tip my hat to Chip and Tom as well as Thomas Vonn and Dane Spencer as well as members of the men's speed team and the entire women's team.
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Bode is making great progess. he and Schlopy ar the two bright spots on the mens Alpine team. We want them to be at the top of their abilities for the 2006 Olympic games.

If he handles himself correctly, Bode is jsut coming into is best years of competition.

He needs to handle our expectations better. Afterall, while there are some that would like him on the podium each time he races, it isn't going to happen. Tiger Woods is also human and doesn't win every tournment, or even enter that many tournaments. He chooses cafefully, and tries to be at peak performance for the big ones. The 2006 Olympics will be the big event for Bode.
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I guess, from the tone of the answers that the American "school" and the Eurpopean one are different, that's all.
In Italy, one never, ever goes around without strapping in the poles. Thet's being so ingrained in people at the ski school level that, it's a second nature.
Indeed all the commentators I was listening to (I had one telly
on the Italian transmission and the second one on Eurosport, in English) had the same reaction I've exposed, and the same beliefs. Well, of course with all he's won at this edition of the World Champ, not to win the SL is not that big of a problem.
Still, I would like to point out that it was not "bad luck"
(of course, my thinking entirely, again).
Cheers (with ha glass or red wine in my hand [img]smile.gif[/img] )

[ February 17, 2003, 12:14 PM: Message edited by: Matteo ]
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Adding another thing, I do not think that losing a pole is of no consequences, especially with the modern SL technique...
And Robin, probably I simply wanted to see him win yet another gold medal (weird as it may look)...
Setting aside the comments on poles, and touching the other subject ...
I'm curios to know what reason could one have to choose mittens over "normal" five fingers. If you haven't noticed already,
Janica Kostelic too wears mittens, I haven't noticed anybody elses, but maybe I was not looking hard enough.
Five fingers allow a better grip on the poles, whereas mittens are warmer. But I don't think that, at that level they'd be
concerned with warm gloves, what with everything that they already have to endure...
Are, purely from a technical point of view, the aggressive looking, padded and kevlar armoured (know no other way to put it) five finger gloves overrated?
What are your thoughts?
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Someone correct me if I am wrong, but I believe that I read somewhere that Bode claims to have had frostbite at some point wherein the mittens.
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Matteo, I think what your witnessing in the lack of chastising Bode for not wearing straps (beyond my own opionion which is based on personal experience) is a reluctance to doubt this kid. Bode is such a maverick, he has through out his racing career done things his own way in the face of much criticism all the so called experts of the field and has proved them all wrong. I still remember the day I was coaching at an Eastern level race and the word came over the radio that some kid named Bode Miller had taken a pair of recreational shape skis off the rack and won the the Eastern championships by multiple seconds. And his coaches for years told him he had to change his technique or he would never reach his potential. Who has the courage to doubt him any longer?

But you are right, losing a pole has serious concenquences on performance. That was proven.
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Matteo, I believe SKI magazine had an article about the reasons why Bode wears mittens.
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I recall that Bode started wearing mittens after cutting his hand on a Sobe bottle and had afairly severe injury. He has worn them ever since.
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