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Does this sound okay?

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I recently went to go get fitted for some boots. I walk into the store and the guy helping me asked me what type of skiing I did, and if was looking for anything in particular. I said I do a lot of park skiing and would like something park specific. He said ok and preceded to look at my foot and measure it. He said that my foot shape and instep were very similar to his and that he thought the SPK would suit me perfectly, as those were some of the only boots that really fit him well without a lot of modification. Unfortunately the shop did not carry any. So he shell fit me for some Mojo's just to see how they felt. They didn't fit well and when I flexed them I got some pain in the back of my heel/Achilles area. He said he thought that's what would happen and he went and got some x-waves.

They fit nicely, much better than any boot I had tried on before that. He said my foot shape was definitely suited to a Solomon boot, and asked if I for sure wanted a park specific boot. I said yes as I ski park almost exclusively. So he recommended I just go get the SPK Kaos online in a 26.5 as It would be perfect for me. So my question is... Is this a normal occurrence, do the x-waves and SPKs fit similar,and should I order the boots online?
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Wave is a bit smaller volume then the SPK

online: sure if you know 100% that they fit you right.

If not wait for next year and everyone will have stock SPK is avail for next year too
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