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Happy Mother's Day

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Happy day of pampering and loving from all of those who are used to receiving it from you. Without mothers we'd all be protozoa.

Today my family is making up a foursome with me to play 18 holes this afternoon. I think there's nothing more satisfying about motherhood than passing along your addictions, like skiing and golf.
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You're one lucky woman, nolo!

And here's to mothers of the past, present and future. Your job in helping to produce vital members of society is one of the most important jobs in the world.....next to fathers. :

Hats off to you!
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Heartily concur, best wishes to all the skiing Mom's out there! Here's a photo from mid-70s of my Dad and my late, great skiing Mom: http://www.snowjournal.com/page.php?cid=galimg26421
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Very nice James, you're a lucky man. My parents didn't get me into anything except music and politics.

Motherhood is the noblest of all endeavors.

Thanks to all the moms in the world - especially mine (who's 86 and going strong!)
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Like to add my wishing all moms a great day....
I'm sure many would agree that on Mother's Day mom is Queen!...and a goddess forever!
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