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new boot suggestions?

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So i'm looking to get new boots before next season. sometime in the fall I plan on visiting a ski shop that has certified boot fitters and i'll most likely get what they recommend, but in the mean time i'd like to get an idea of what boot would work best for me.

i'm about 170 lbs and almost 6' 3''

the type of skiing i'll be doing is the tricky part. I ski for my high school's race team, but last season got a pair of public enemies and have started skiing freestyle and have enjoyed it a lot more. however, i'm still going to race next year because i can do park on the weekends and in my spare time. so i guess i'm looking for a boot that will be good for racing, but will have ok pop and not uncomfortable skiing park and other places (about 50-50 between park/racing). i'm pretty sure park and racing are polar opposites for boots, so i don't really know where to look.
any recommendations?
thanks for the help

PS- i tried to describe the shape of my foot, but it just looked like a foot to me. so i took a picture.
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IMO, a virtually impossible question to answer .

You're looking for a jack of all trades, master of none boot. Suggest a 100-120 flex and find something that fits your foot/ankle/calf well. Since we can't see your heel/ankle/calf in the picture, it's hard to comment.

You're tall (leverage) but light, and likely have low calf volume. Suggest you pay some attention to your fore/aft setup to really nail the sweet spot.

Remember, it's hard to race with a broken pelvis and ruptured spleen .

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alright so i took 3 more, hope this helps

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Get a Head S13, get it foamed and all the rest of the attributed analysis.
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alright i'll ask the shop about those boots, i don't think they carry head though (bob skinners in Sunapee, NH). any other similar boots that would fit well with my foot?
i guess i'm looking in the stiff, all mountain category.
thanks again for the help
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alright so i was looking around a little and found next years salomom ghost boot.

its based of the falcon shell and has a flex of 120, but two buckles and padding for park skiing.

anybody else know anything about how this boot?
i'm gonna keep an eye out for it in shops over the summer and see if i can try it on and see how it fits.
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What do you want to know? It's a falcon. Ten Eighty of Old.
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