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Artificial Snow Making

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Does anyone know anything about the Sno-Wand?
Looks like a $400 pvc pipe assembly.
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I'd think the liability associated with pressurizing PVC, especially at low temperatures, would preclude that material's use, at least in the portion of the assembly that carries the pressure. The illustration COULD be showing an aluminum tube with the nozzles in it.
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Very interesting system. I don't think that the material used for the wand would really matter as all its function would be to get the jets up in the air. Could you make your own system for cheaper, I would think so but you would spent the entire winter trying to find the right apeture size, air/water mix etc. Snow making is very basic, but the 'recipe' is where the true craft lies. There was a thread awhile back about these two that made there own ski resort, and snow making was a big part of it.
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An air water system is really easy to build, all you need is a compressor that will put out more than 70psi through the nozzle. THen just ad water at say above 200psi. The thing is that you need a decent sized nozle (with suitable internal flarings) for best results.

come to Japan, it's snowing in a lot of back yards here at the moment. Two days so far & another two to go.

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