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Fischer cold Heat or Watea 84

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I had a pair of 2007 Fischer AMC 76s in the 164cm length. I loved their feel but sold them because I thought they were a bit too short for me–5'6", 190#, level 6 skier–and because I want something in the 82 - 88mm range to help me get off of the groomed runs more.

Which ski, the Cold Heat or the Watea 84 or something else, would have a feel closest to the AMC 76s?
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Why not a longer AMC 76?

I can't answer your question directly - I've got AMC 73's and Watea 84's. For me, the Watea's are similar, but not as much 'fun' as the 73's.

I regret not going bigger than 84, but I'm bigger than you.

Next year, I'll probably have the 73's and something in the 90's or 100's - if I'm going big, I'm going to really go big.

Ever ski 49 Degrees North?
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Ever ski 49 Degrees North?
Once, several years ago. I think I would like it if it were closer and easier to get to. From my garage to "my" parking spot on Mount Spokane is about 27 miles. To 49° North is over twice that.
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As I understand it, the Heat series is intended as a middle ground between the AMC and Watea series. So it stands to reason that the Heat will feel more similar to the AMC series than the Watea.
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The Heat is more carving oriented than the Watea or AMC. Think of the Heat as a wider WC RC or Progressor. The Watea is a good midfat for lighter skiers, moderate speeds and/or soft snow.

At 190 Lbs the AMC is too short. A 186cm Watea 84 would work if the skier is an intermediate or EZ expert level skier.

Consider the Watea 94 in a 178cm size as a 50/50% on-piste/off piste ski.

You could also consider the Atomic Nomad Crimson in a 176cm size.

Keep in mind a longer & wider ski is easier off-piste, it provides a more stable platform and avoids tip dive.

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Thanks, Lurking Bear, Alpinedad, and Wildcat.
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I have a pair of AMC 76's, Length 176, and they seem pretty good for all-around use, and a pair of Cold Heats, Length 176, which I prefer for deeper snow, with intervals of hardpack between. I am 6'2" and skied them at various weights from 240-280. My only reservation was about the Cold Heats on icy washboard surfaces after fresh snow had been scraped away in grooming. I had not skied the other skis on such, and cannot comment on how they would have performed, but the Cold Heats really transmitted the shocks right up to the bottom of my boots to the point where the bottoms of my feet feel like they had been beaten. It may have been my fatigue, or simply the conditions, but that was a uniquely unpleasant experience. I had no trouble with the Cold Heats on ungroomed slopes or well-groomed or icy slopes. The Cold Heat is a better all-around ski that the AMC, which is OK in fresh snow, but not comfortable there. The maligned plate on the Cold Heat serves to make the ski carve as if it were a narrower ski, by reducing the leverage of the ski's overhang. I think the plate makes the ski much more versatile, but other reviewres have not.

I also own two pair of RX'8s, 165 and 175. I have demoed the Kahua, which is similar to the Watea, but wider. The RX-8's are challenging in fresh snow, and the Kahua was scary to use on a steep icy slope At my weight I don't think the Watea would hold well on ice either,as it is similar to the Kahua.

In the end, I think you would be well-served by either the Cold Heat or AMC. If you are skiing out west, consider the Cold Heat at 170 and the AMC 76 at 176, or the AMC 79 at 170 or 176, while in the east I would go shorter on the AMC 76, 170, would forget about the AMC 79, and might get the Cold Heat at 170.
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Thanks for all your information, Fog. I ski in the Northwest where the snow is more heavy than light due to the high moisture content. We don't usually get hard ice--though I do love good grip. Nor do we usually get dry, light powder.
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