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Getting robbed sucks - Page 3

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With this economy and the drug attled society that results from social decay , rural, small village and town crime is up even here in God's country.

Unfortunately the bastards find there way here too
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My 2 cents. I've had monitored security for 25 years, mostly for the fire alarm when I'm traveling out of town. I think the free standing motion detectors and noise detectors with a loud alarm horn work great. Outside lights on a motion detector are also good around where you park. They also discourage someone from following you to your home and attacking you as you get out of your car. If you want a dog for security and you don't have a fenced in yard I'd suggest an alarm with a barking dog speaker. It costs less, eats less and is easier to clean up after.
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If you want to follow the Jeff Foxworthy method of security. Chain your dog to the clothes line, hang an engine from a tree limb and you won't have to worry about being robbed.

Manicured lawns have the good stuff to steal.
A Red neck yard is a place where a Gun lives!

As Jeff Foxworthy says, "The robbers don't have to worry about me, or the dog, they have to worry about my wife. She spent the day cleaning the house, so she'll shoot you for messing up the floor, then shoot you again for bleeding on the rug!"
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TC, I love that... I may just spread out some of my nephew's toys on the "lawn" (new house, no grass yet) and sprinkle some empty shell casings around the property... put up some of the silhouettes I have near the windows, all shot full of holes... Maybe a car up on blocks in the driveway with a tarp over it...
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You know those security flags people put in their lawns to indicate they have a wired system?

try a shot-up target instead.
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