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Recommendations - 1st skis (all-mountain) for intermediate skier

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Male, 5’6”, 135-140 lbs
Level 5-6 (???) skier

Ski most groomed runs (blues, some blacks) at moderate speeds, not yet comfortable in powder or bumps/moguls but looking to advance/improve. Would also like to try a little off-piste skiing when skills/confidence are of sufficient level.

Have young kids just learning to ski, so also spend a fair amount of family time on easier blues and greens.

Just bought boots this year (Nordica Beast 10), looking to buy first pair of skis that would be forgiving enough for my current skills but that will also allow me to progress to a much higher level. Funds are very limited, so unlikely to buy a new/most current model. Probably looking at buying used online, or possibly buying demo skis this upcoming Fall when the local shop has its pre-season sale on its rental equipment.

Was only able to try out a couple of better skis this past season:

Elan Magfire 8, 160 cm
Head Monster IM72, 156 cm

Wanted to also try Dynastar Legend 4800 and Nordica Hot Rod Nitrous, but extended illness kept me off the slopes.

Compared to rental skis, liked both the Magfire 8s and the Monster 72s. Thought the Magfires turned extremely easy when skiing slower/easier runs with the kids, and were pretty stable in straightline at moderate speed. Monsters seemed less stable straightline at moderate speed, turned easy at slow speed (but not as easy as the Magfires), but seemed easier to control when skiing softer/deeper snow or mild bumps (but not really sure if I was turning the skis better, or just “manhandling" them).

Not sure if I should just wait a year and continue to demo, stick with one of the 2 skis I’ve already tried, or consider a different ski, such as the Legends or something else (not sure if the Nitrous would be too much ski for my current skill level).

Would appreciate suggestions and/or ski recommendations. Thanks!
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I have a pair of 06/07 Nordica SUV 12.1 in 160 length with the XBS bindings (3-11 DIN). 9 out of 10 condition - no major base scratches. No core shots. Just the normal scratches and dings from ~20 days of skiing. I don't ski them anymore. They're pretty good skis.....$120 or $100 if you're in the SF bay area and we can arrange pick up. Skinnier than Nitrous (I've got that in a 170 if you're interested but not quite as cheap) but still burly enough for some speed - no 50 mph runs on these short length and medium stiffness skis. The SUV 12.1 are not as stiff as the Nitrous. The SUV's are definitely more forgiving.

Plus the skis are well tuned....

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