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Three Way Tie!!!

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For the first time ever there's a three way tie in a WC race. :
Some unfamiliar names in the top group as well.
Should be an intresting season.

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No one intrested in the women's results? :
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Hard to get excited when ski season is still at least a month away. Once ski season approaches and OLN starts it's coverage again I'll get interested. On the subject of ski racing, what is going in with the Hermanaitor (sp?)?
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I saw the two-way tie between Lasse Kjus and Hermann at the 99 Worlds in the SUper G and thought that was unbelievable.

A three-way is just ridiculous.
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Something you will never see at the Indy 500.

I'm getting ready to switch over to a dish because we can't get OLN on cable. Hope they don't drop WC, cause that's the only reason for the switch.
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OLN will televise 20 races this year starting 7 December. Enjoy.
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