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Austrian Glacier Summer Skiing - What to Expect

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I have a chance to spend two days at either Stubai or Hintertux in the middle of June (travelling from Munich for the weekend). I'm wonding if it is really worthwhile. How extensive is the summer skiing?
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Not very.
It's great for race practice in SL or GS though.
When I was in Hintertux in July in 2003 it was only the Gefrorene Wand and the two towlifts opposite from that that where open.
Mind you it was a very hot summer (Kaprun and I think even STubai were completely closed) and the base this year is much better. Especially with all of the late snow we've been getting.
Could be fun I guess...
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Hi Ami,

the conditions on the Tuxer Ferner are fantastic. Better than winter. I spent three days last weekend and I had my best powder days this winter. Believe it or not!

Prices: http://www.tux.at/?ct=skipasspreise08sommer&ca=sbs&ba=s

I would guess that snow is enough for June. Best would be that you are going one of the coming weekends. Try to be there early in the morning arround 8.

Cheeeers Christoph
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Both are decent for glacial skiing with Stubai providing the bigger acreage.

Be ready for the usual summer glacier cycle - hard crust in the morning, then corn, slush by midday, hard crust again by the end of the day.
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Can anyone compare Hintertux and Stubai to Les Deux Alpes?
I skied in the summer of '01 at LDA. Fantastic! I'd say a good amount of terrain, no salt like Mt. Hood and we had all sorts of conditions from fresh heavy powder to ice to packed powder to slush. Getting to the 2000m level was easy too just walk in boots from hotel and get on the gondola. Not like what I hear Whistler involves to get to the skiing.

I believe skiing went to about 1 pm,(1300hr) and then at least there was stuff in town. You could Mt. Bike, hike, they had an alpine slide. I did paragliding there (Parapente). One day we went down to La Grave and did rafting in the river there.
Really, that place was great for summer skiing. I imagine that a lot of that depends on the snow levels though and the weather one gets.
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Hintertux and Stubai are easier to acces, in Les Deux Alpes you are underway in the lifts for over an hour...
Stubai you have the proximity of Innsbruck (quite a nice city)

skiing normally is until 1pm. Saas-Fee is another option also... and has a funpark too in the summer, only 2 surface lifts though.

parapente, mountainbike is possible everywhere
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