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Winter skiing in May

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Loveland 5/2 & A-Basin 5/3-4

With Paul, Tsavo, Alta6 and Mr. Vertical we celebrate Betsy & Spdskr birthdays with a Loveland ski on Friday and then extend the birthday vibe into Saturday and Sunday at the Basin. The icing on the cake included winter skiing conditions for May that rival any I can remember. Took a bunch of shots that begin with the posse enjoying Loveland’s 'winter like' snowstorm and birthday bash ending this TR when you see this signpost a second time:

Alta6 [top of Loveland's 'Scrub']:



Had the finger on the trigger to capture this 2 shot the instant the storm
wall flew in [at the top of 'Spillway'; spdskr, Paul, Mr. Vertical, Betsy, Alta6]

Had to go back over to Chair 4 and do lower 'Scrub' again...



back after a short intermission...
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Thanks... :
for making me jealous AGAIN :
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More Winter in May

Mr. Vertical [heading down 'Cat's Meow']:

In for a little Birthday Cake [around the table Paul points to Tsavo & Betsy
with Mr. Vertical calling in his sushi order while spdskr and alta6 look at the camera]:

The Happy Birthday Duo; Betsy and Spdskr:

Betsy, please hurry and cut that cake! : :

Group shot before heading back out. Friend TeleLinda joins up.
[some hungry Kids visit from another table...]:

I'm out in the snowfall on upper 'Cat's Meow' lugging that cake and dealing with the sugar buzz ::

Birthday Boy; Spdskr:


another short pause in the transmission...
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cecel b demill of the trip reports


You were really able to capture the true sence of deep powder in those shots great work my friend!!!!!!!!!!

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still more Winter in May...

Catching the group on a wire:

Betsy & Alta6 running down 'Nix Nox':

[Thought it appropriate to introduce a birthday bouquet for Betsy here ]:


After high-5ing some nice individual efforts; Spdskr leads the
gang down to chair 1 [chair 2 overhead as Alta6 and Mr. Vertical accelerate]:

While I now notice the date on the old ski watch is wrong…
the time is right on. Thanks Loveland Chair 1 lift team
for letting us get the last ride up of the day :

The sun appears on the last lift up :

4:20 at the clock tower [Alta6, Betsy, Spdskr, Mr. Vertical]:

After another intermission ... it's off to A-Basin...
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Happy Birthday to Betsy and Spdskr.

DonDenver, please post the pics from A-Basin soon. I'm vacuuming the house and your ski photos are doing a nice job of cooling me off!!!

Also making me think we should move to Colorado!!!!!!! :
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Onward to A-Basin 5/3 & 5/4

It all starts in the lot where some beach front trailers come in around 5:30 AM for set up
not for us...but Betsy and I get in early enough to grab breakfast with Alta6 and Tsavo.

The Sun is not high enough yet to warm the lot:

Tsavo 'boots-on' :

On the ridge heading into Montezuma [Betsy, Alta6 & Tsavo]:

Below front side East Wall's 'Willies Wide' and the 40-45 medium turns the hike up provides;
Betsy and Alta6 prepare to launch:



Betsy checks in on the Beach…yup…the music’s just a bit stronger than the odor of charcoal :::

Alta6 and I discuss East Wall or Pali next [who are we kidding...
it's all good ]:
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sick thread, powder skiing rocks!!!

maybe I will actually have a camera out for thursday friday this week with 8inches of new(hopefully they under estimated again this time like the May 1st storm)
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Finishing up; A-Basin 5/4

I slide between Tsavo and Alta6 on 'Land of the Giants':

Looking down at the old A-Frame & Lot:

Betsy ready to launch near the Cornice:

The hike up the North Pole [earn those turns!!]:

Look closely at the little black mark just right of center...
you can see Loveland's Chair 9 and the ridge line:

Betsy and Alta6 run down the narrow off David's Run:

Alta6 and Betsy make another run down the Cornice:

Alta6 deserves a quick break on the East Wall as he’s been
hammering 1st to last lift since leaving Ohio on Wednesday.
All this fun and altitude has a price…Great work Mark!

Happy trails to all as Alta6 and Betsy say goodbye to our
skiing season. It’s time for the Bikes and soon to come
mountain hikes. Cheers everyone. Do well
[...in the off season ]:

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Thanks Don. What a way to start the day!
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The only word I can think of is ENVY!!!!! Just when I was really thinking of summer...
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Don, your trip reports ROCK!


Thanks for yet another outstanding trip report. Through your photos, I was able to experience last Friday again....and what a great time that was. Days spent skiing with you and other EpicSki members are always eagerly anticipated and thoroughly enjoyed. Now, as your report mentioned, time to hit the bike, tennis courts, hiking trails...etc. Happy summer everyone.

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Thank you thank you thank you - looks unbelievably great pow skiing way up there. Could have been February in some of those pics!
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Nice TR

Great stuff. Sorry I missed you guys on the East Wall.

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Nice, nice, nice. Thanks for the report.
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