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May 5-

My wife, 4 other friends and I went for a day trip to Busan, South Korea from Geoje Island, where were are all teaching ESL. We hit up Snow Castle, an indoor ski/board place.

Started out the morning at 7:00 with a 25 minute taxi ride to the ferry terminal, then a 1 hour ferry ride from our island to Busan. That was followed by another 20 minute cab ride to Snow Castle. It was 75 degrees outside but a crisp 35ish inside. None of have our own gear or clothes so everything was rented. The place was really nice, as far as an indoor place can be I think. Snow was wet and from the warmth outside, it was raining from the rafters of the building making for some icy spots which made me feel right at home being from Central PA. It was $20 for the lift for 4 hours, $10 to rent a board, and $10 to rent clothes.

It was a pretty good trip. Here are some Pics:

The view from outside Snow Castle:

The Building:

Me and Mrs. Bgraves28:

And some others:

The Clothing Rental Shop:

The Ferry:

And one random picture of a sign found in a big market/shopping area in Busan:

All in all, a very good day and might be going back soon!