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it's quiet! ... too quiet.

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Some sure signs that winter is near as the first flurry of flakes start to fall.

Old commercial used to go something like ..... "Winters coming. Wolves are howling and squirrels are burying their nuts.".

The forum has had a bit less chatter too. Sounds like the Bears a busy with a flurry of gear prep ..... buying goodies and trying on the old stuff.

Sit quiet in the woods tonight .... real quiet .... you'll hear the snap of bindings, the clink of buckles and the ringing of the register.

In the New Jersey "woods", if you were out last night, you'd have heard the shrieks of the "wild spouse" reacting as the first credit card bill came in.

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We are further south than you, so around here, the wild spouse are still just grousing. Shrieks usually come a bit later in the winter.

Tom / PM
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Yesterday was the first official snowfall for us here. You could definitely hear the sounds of files, dripping wax, scraping and the gentle swishing of cork from the deepest regions of the house. Tradition must be upheld!
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Yesterday and to day with the howling of the wind, 40mph winds with gust as high as 67mph, it's hard to hear anything.

I'm headed to VT tonight to ski this weekend. Skis are already up north waiting for me. I'm sure they are eager to get out of the ski room and back on the snow.
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Did you guys get the eerie total whiteouts where all you could hear was the howling of the wind? That was wild stuff yesterday.
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We aren't close enough to get the lake effect squalls, but we did get lots of flurries and it was GREAT to see those spots swirling in the headlights on the way home from the shop.
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Here in north central CT we had a few flurries BLOWING around on my drive into work. Central VT got 1-3" over night.

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We had full on squalls and we don't really get lake effect here. At times it was literally zero visibility for 20 minutes and you just sat there listening to that wild howl from the wind. Nothing stuck here as the ground was too warm from the previous days of 50's and rain. It stuck a few miles up the road though on the mountain. I'd guess they got 1-2" that's still showing on the cams today.
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