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Birthday Bash & then Some......

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May 2nd 2008
A day that will be remembered!
12"-14" Cold Smoke in May!
Am sure other will chime in,
Here's the pudding......
Paulie, Rocking in the Free World!
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Don Denver, (Was that Great or what?) Thanks for talking me into playing Hookie!

Mark, Nice to meet you, "Dam another fine Ohio Skier"! must be something in the water out there.
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The Birthday Gal & Guy!
You two don't get Older, Just Better!
Hope you all enjoyed the day as much as we did!
The Cake was pretty good too!
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Awesome way to spend a birthday!
Looks like spring skiing isn't necessarily demanding spring ski attire. Wow!
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Yes.... Wow! Very, very nice. Hopefully I'll get some of that cake one of these years
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Best Birthday Party Ever!

Wow, what an awesome B-Day Party! Thanks for starting the thread, Mr. Vertical. I was starting to think it was all just a wonderful dream . Deep snow, great friends, and fresh tracks until last chair.........what more can you ask for on May 2 (or any day for that matter). Thanks for playing hookie, Glenn, it wouldn't have been as fun without you. Skiing with you, Paul, Mark, Don, and Betsy (the other birthday person) made for one of the best birthdays ever . Thanks for the cake, Tsavo.

Hey, Don, let's post some pictures . Here's one of you:

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A birthday song for the birthday duo...

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Thanks for the B-Day song, bklyn. Maybe you can join us next year for the live version .
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[Mr. Vertical needs to stack his pictures ]

Perfect vid bklyn!

Duane; Just back from ABasin. I’ll get all the Birthday Friday as well as weekend shots up soon :.
Until then, here is a Loveland picture of the May 1st and 2nd Birthday duo; Betsy and spdskr:

Also thought you’d get a kick out of this two picture sequence. The May 2nd storm at Loveland
felt like it was Feb 2nd. Wow…what a day!
Pictured here at the top of Chair 1; spdskr, Paul, Mr. Vertical, Betsy & Alta6 …

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Meanwhile, here in the part of the U.S. and A. that's been kissed by spring, I'm battling pollen allergies while riding my bike in short-sleeve jerseys and shorts. My tights, arm warmers and leg warmers are nearing the end of their use until the autumn (or possibly rides in the Rockies, Alps or far north).

My skiwear has been washed and put into storage for the off-season. My skis are tuned and coated in travel wax, the bindings wound back to minimum DIN. My boots are buckled, loaded with plain rice sachets to ward away moisture build-up.

Colorado seems like half a season away right now. And I'm jealous.
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birthday bliss in excelcius!

and to think they shut down Squaw today at noon due to thunder and lightning!

glad y'all got some o' mother nature's frosting on your special days...
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