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Tuckermans back in june

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Tuckerman’s Ravine

After skiing 3 winters back to back (Chamonix, NZ, Chamonix) I can’t exactly not ski just because it is June! Problem I am working in Pennsylvania with kids with ADHD and the Pocono hills have no snow since April! So the night before my day off I started out for New Hampshire, Driving the remains of a Chevy Astro minivan with no Air Con….with just a beat up Boom Box for company (the stereo had long since expired) I fought with new England freeways for 7 and a half hours to reach Pinkermans Notch at the foot of Mt Washington.

After a rather short sleep in the van, at not so early an hour in the morning I started hiking up towards Tuckerman’s ravine. After 2 hours of uphill with skis and boots on my back I reached the Hermit Lake shelters, and my first view of the Ravine. I was not wrong, there is snow here at this time of year. Half an hour further on I was at the foot of the snow patch. I first tried skiing up the slope, but with an angle of 40 – 50 degrees and a surface of frozen lumps and pine needles this wasn’t going to work. Time for a boot pack, straight up for a few hundred feet. At the top of the snow I stepped off onto the rocks for a rest and to sort my skis out. I noticed as I put my skis on that the snow was undermined quite a bit at the top, maybe 10 feet or so. Anyway 20 glorious turns and I was at the bottom again.

The second go I decided it was time for crampons, boot packing hard snow isn’t easy. At the top of the snow I realized how close I was to the top of the mountain, I’d come this far it would be a pity not to visit the summit. Off I went, marching up the rock strewn path in my ski touring boots. The rocks didn’t bother my feet at all but balance on some of the larger rocks was interesting. Nearing the summit I came across lots of tourists who had arrived not by hiking but by the Toll road or the Cog Railway. The were manly fat and mostly very unfit and gave me some very strange looks carrying skis and wearing touring boots.

On my decent I met quite a few hikers, who inquired as to trail and snow conditions as opposed to being treated as a freak show by the summit tourists. My second run down the snow was much nicer than the first, the afternoon sun having softened the snow somewhat. All that was left was my drive home….over 8 hours of stoplights and clogged freeways….was it all worth it, hell yeah, would I do it a gain tomorrow, Nah there has to be snow somewhere else!

Just one pic working at the moment...looking out of place on the summit

View from trail

Looking across the bowl

Looking down the slope

The summit sign

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Geez Tom, you were just 20 minutes away from the best skiing on the east coast up there on the summit (its not in Tuckermans, especially in June). Wish I'd heard you were in our area - would have liked to hook up with you so maybe you could reciprocate by hooking me up on my next visit to that great ski mecca... Carbondale!

mmm, good Pizza places in Carbondale & Scranton!
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So are you gonna give us a hint as to where it is, so that next May when Tucks is packed with drunk sunbathers we can skip the crowd and get some turns without an audience? I was up at the top of Mt Whteface in mid-May and there was a good 3 feet for the last 1/4 of the hike...which surprised me. The view of Mt Washington from there was great, and there seemed to be plenty of snow left for turns.
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Great Gulf chutes! Shssssh!
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