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I think....

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I think

That skiing for me is a pastime, hobby, activity, but that for some its much more than that. It is a livelihood, passion, and a way of life. I need to remember that and respect it.

That I have forgotten my manners. That if I do not have something nice to say it’s almost always better to say nothing at all.

That I will stay away from flame wars and the hostile mean spirited threads. It’s rare that anything gets settled.

That its been 4 months since I brought my skis home and they are still sitting by the door. It’s to late to put them away now.
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Yeah, Kima, you're always stirring stuff up, flaming here, dissing there, spewing vitriol like a Jag leaks oil. Whenever I think of troublemakers at Epic, I think Kima. 'Bout time you stepped up and faced the music.
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Hey I am just happy you think of me.
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Never apologize and never explain.

--Henry Ford, Jr.
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That doesn't work if you are married.
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Henry was a notorious rake.
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Yes it's about time I admitted ......


it was all Kima's fault. [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img]

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I think those are the two shortest post nolo has ever made.

Yes DB its all my fault!
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It's not ALL Kima's fault.

I think it was Eve that fed Adam the fruit in the Garden of Eden, not Kima...

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Lay that burden down. That's right. Just lay it down right there. You don't got to carry it no more...
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Thanks Nolo, that olive branch was getting mighty heavy.
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Right Kima this is your final warning.

Getting mad, argumentative, annoyed etc is what most skiers do in the summer.

Any more of those soppy 'it was all my fault' posts and it's over to Paula's Swinging Ski luvers for you.

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Well as Fox said its not ALL my fault!

At least no one as flamed me for my poor housekeeping. So where are everyone elses skis? Mine really are laying by the door where they have been for 4 months. Came in handy. Last night a bat got in the house. : chased the poor thing out with a ski pole!


[ August 14, 2002, 01:08 PM: Message edited by: Kima ]
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"People are often illogical, unreasonable, self centered.

Forgive them anyway!'
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