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Head Binding Recommendation

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I have been a Volkl guy forever, but could not pass this deal up. I bought a pair of 183 CM Head IM 78 (07/08) for $290 to the door. I have read nothing but stellar reviews on this ski so I figured for $290 I could not lose. I know that typically Tyrolias are mounted on Head skis, but I wanted to know if there would be any issues with mounting look bindings? I have always liked Looks and with the stellar deals Sierra Jim has going I thought this would be a great choice. Please let me know your thoughts and if there is a better choice I am certainly open to it.

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I'll tell you as a ski racer that I hate Tyrolia. If the ski comes flat (and I think they do) then go right ahead. Granted I was skiing on a used Fischer with an even older Atomic 10-18 that I mounted myself with a CNC machine this year.
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OR you can get a killer deal on Tyrolias at www.Levelninesports.com I happen to like them as do many others here.
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If the ski comes flat, you can put whatever binding suits you on it. Head likes you to buy Tyrolia because that way the money all goes into the same pocket. I may be buying some Head Mojos soon and at this point I'm leaning toward Salomon bindings.
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Look--> Salomon--> Marker--> Tyrolia.

That's my preferred rating of alpine rigs.

I ski high dins and don't like releases.

(touring/demo not included)
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When I bought 3 pair of Heads I mounted all with Tyrolia. the 2 Race pair FF 17+ and my monster 88, mojo 15. They have been absolutley flawless.

But I have never had a prerelease problem with Atomic nor Marker either.

I hate the way Salomon adjusts and that toe wing adjustment is a joke and constantly comes loose. At least on the newer models i beleive both wings adjust on one cam screw. But on some of the older Race bindings you had to adjust the toe wings individually. A hoaky setup at best.

No thanks!
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edit: I would recommend avoiding tyrolias. You will have no problem mounting looks on the ski.
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Wow, I know there's a lot of Marker hatred but I saw never this anti-Tyrolia trend before. And not a single comment as to why you should avoid them!

Assuming we're talking about diagonal heel Tyrolias (LD, various HD/RFD, Mojo 15 and the FF/Z bindings) they seem to me to have an excellent balance between retension and ejection. I've had SL10s chuck me out when I'd rather have stayed in, but that's the cheapest fixed heel binding they make.

On the i.M78s I'd have no qualms about recommending a flat mounted LD12 or Mojo 15, depending on you DIN needs. But if you like Looks (and I like 'em too) then go ahead. The i.M78s come flat so mount whatever you like.
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Prerelease with Tyrolia? That's a joke.
Salomon or Marker better? That's another one.
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Tyrolia LD-12s are probably my favorite binding right now. I haven't had a whiff of any problems with them.
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Same here...never a problem, never a prerelease, always released when I needed them to....cannot say the same thing for other brand bindings that I have tried. I have the LD-12 RF(most mileage), FF17 and FF18X. Plus, they are wonderously easy to adjust, so I learned this past season.
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I LOVE tyrolia railflex bindings. No prerelease problems. Also, the releases feel very "clean"--I feel very safe in them. I have the SLD12 which are lightweight. Very easy to adjust, can change fore-aft position. No excessive ramp. A+++ bindings. I can't stand Look/Rossignol because of the excessive ramp angle. Also the turntables made it difficult to put the ski back on after a fall.
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Thanks For All The Feedback

I am going to give the Tyrolia a shot... There are some great deals to be had on both the Mojo 15 and LD binding... I am leaning more towards to Mojo 15 for the higher DIN setting...

I have never ever had an issue with any of my Look bindings... But as stated above the only thing I absolutely hate about them is if the ski does come off and you have to put it back on - on either a steeper run or in POW they are a BIATCH to get into...

Again, thanks and cannot wait to try the new setup...

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I have a feeling PhilT and company are hucking rocks and and cliffs and so forth and may be flyin' in the park, in general abusing the bejeebers out of their gear.

I am assuming this will not be an activity you engage in on an i.m78. You should be fine with the Tyrolia Bindings.
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