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Killington's Open!!!

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wooo hooo!!!!
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Oh man... and I have to go to Toronto this weekend on business.. why is life so cruel sometimes?
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I was just thinking..."I wonder when Killington will be opening????"
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thyve only got Roan open right now, I suspect they will have more trails open this weekend...

man, am I in a good mood.
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...And I thought I would be the one to spill the news ... :

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YOU were, you told me but I got all excited and let the cat out of the bag....

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I wish all Killington lovers well.
I visited the resort four winters ago, at the opposite end of the winter (mid-April).
For me, it was a ghastly place. The approach road was the ugliest confusion of fast-food joints, motels and the rest of the worst of American paraphanalia that I can recall.
Stowe and Sugarbush had infinitely more appeal to me!
I found Stowe a particularly charming and characterful place. Sugarbush had great skiing too, even well into April.
Killington struck me as a place where landowners and developers had been allowed to run riot - something that should never be allowed on beautiful mountain landscapes.
Forgive me - I just had to get all that off my chest!
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I have to agree with you dave. My senses were overwhelmed on my first drive up the mountain road to "Killingfields". It was an ok mountain but I always felt lost up there. Not to mention I have never seen trails get skied off inside of 15 minutes. Unbelievable. I'm a Sugarbush, Sugarloaf fan. There is a great atmosphere at both those mountains but it doesn't look like Walley World.
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well, to be honest I am not crazy about it either. but...it is the first and ONLY area open this weekend and BAD skiing is SO MUCH better than NO skiing...even if it is mostly rocks and hay....and your competeing with 300 other people for that one strip of rocks and hay....

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Man!!!! No fair!!!

(Stomps foot!)

But I want snow in Washington now! (using her best Veruca Salt voice)

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Just to dispell any misunderstanding:
I go to Killington ONLY when there is no other place open (or with comparable conditions) or when I have a race there

Other than that I prefer to stay away from that zoo.

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I have posted at my desk the opening and closing dates for Killington since 1986. This is the first time they did not open in October!
Last year I took off from work on Halloween to get started in October. Have skied at Killington in October and May for the last 10 years.
Sorry, but I guess God was/is taking pity on me-I have a herniated disk-flat on my back in the hospital for a week the end of September, so she didn't want Killington to open too soon, otherwise I would have driven my doctors crazy.
Planning to hit Killington next weekend to get my feet wet before "real" season.
Whoever gets there-enjoy one for me!!! [img]smile.gif[/img]

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Okemo is still planning to open this weekend also.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by David Goldsmith:
I wish all Killington lovers well.
I visited the resort four winters ago, at the opposite end of the winter (mid-April).
For me, it was a ghastly place.....

Hmmmmm, do they have black flies in London?

You'll find some sympathy for that statement, but for alot of us, it's just a necessary evil.....Where else are you going to get 9 months of lift serviced skiing on the East coast?
It may not be the purists favorite spot, but the big "K" consistently delivers.....

I haven't skied late spring up there in a long time. But there was nothing better than driving up the "ghastly" access road late April early May, rounding the bend by the Mill, and seeing the snow on Cascade/Downdraft...


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You guys are right ... Killington blows the big one..but hey like Linda said - it beats not skiing at all.
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Also - Does anyone know of a shop up there that rents tele gear? One of my buddies hasn't got his shipped from Tahoe yet so we need to find a place.
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Has anyone been there yet????
Two trails are open...Rime & East Glade. It must be crowded as hell. Dont you have to walk half way up the mountain to get to the Canyon Quad. Any reports???
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you take a shuttle bus from the base lodge....
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hey Mr. Goldsmith,
If you want to see the absolute best of America head to Pigeon Forge,TN the next time you are in Country. You will not be disappointed.
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