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kids skis online

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Looking for some suggestions of online ski sellers with some good deals on quality kids skis. Any recommendations? Thanks.
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They have a great selection of Head, Dynastar and Roxy (I believe).

During the summer they usually buy a lot of inventory and much of it is this years skis which they sell at incredible prices. They also have reasonable inventory at this time.
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I like the suggestion of Level Nine Sports as they appear to have a nice sellection of kids skis from 67cm to 119cm at very good prices. They have bindings, too.

Another place to check is www.skiuniverse.com. I don't know how short of skis that you need, but they have kids skis as short as 137cm packaged with bindings for $93.47.

By the way, I ordered two pairs of skis from Ski Universe about a month ago and they arrived via Fedex ground about 2 or 3 days later. They arrived in brand new condition, so it was an excellent buying experience.

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^Very, very nice gear
They have a lot of skis ranging from kids to adult.. even the 2009 skis are here!

Ski Clothing, Anything you desire, it's in this website.
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Unclear what age you're aiming at, but I like all the sites mentioned for older kids (7 and up). If you're talking about younger kids (3-6), who will outgrow the skis in a year or two, think about used rentals on ebay. You can score 70-110 cm skis with good bindings in nice condition for $40-60 during the late spring early summer. (Resorts need to have some around, but few kids that age actually ski, so the rentals are underused.)

Incidentally, far as I know, Fischer and Elan make most kids' skis < 100 cm under contract to the other companies. So the only real differences will be in graphics and very minor design diffs in the bindings. Boots, OTOH, need to be new, according to my pediatrician. Again, looks like most are made by one or two companies - suspect Solomon - and only real variation beyond colors is that larger (older) sizes have more than one buckle, and you begin to see split between rec and race when you reach sizes intended for 7 and up. Good luck!
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Thanks all. I will be looking for new skis for a 7 year old, who will be 8 next winter, with quite advanced abilities. Probably will be going with a 120 to 125 cm. It looks like there is a lot to choose from on these sites. Thanks again.
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