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Ski quiver rotation

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Trekchick's post has prompted me to ask what I have wondered for some time. How is it that so many of you can buy so many skis every year and then sell them by year's end? I mean, I know how you can do it, but what I want to know is how some buy 5+ pairs of skis and by the end of the season part with all of them (often with some not even used)...dont you take a huge financial hit with so much circulation? Or is it that since so many of you are in the ski industry your huge discounts allow for you to sell the skis and still break even or even make a little profit?

I am am spendy kinda guy, but I am not in the ski business, so I have to do some serious shopping around and ebaying to get great deals or I have to pay full retail. Even so, to sell it all at the end of the year would be prohibitively expensive since the price drop is huge for gear that has already been used...I know I buy some of that stuff. One pair of race skis I bought cost me $350 shipped (they retail for about $1500 w/bindings), they were used once; the bindings alone, FF18X, cost that much! To go and replace them every year would be nuts (for me).
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No on wants to reveal their secrets or own up to the obsession...
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Well it definitely helps when u can p/up some of the skis at end of season or off-season for 50 to 75% off. When it comes time to fine tune the quiver, you don't necessary have to take a loss. The trick for me is to demo during the season & figure out what I like, then p/up at end of season or summer. Also get the previous year's model at super discounted prices.

Just look at some of the deals that SierraJim & Ptex have been offering lately compared to regular season prices. It also helps if you are on the short or longer extreme range for ski lengths. Ever notice how the shorter and longer lengths which are left over at the end of the season, get blown out at super discounted prices. Yes, there are benefits for being short & light!! ;D

Also if you can make your decisions about what to sell/buy quickly. If you are selling, get rid of it quickly, dont wait till 3 seasons later to sell it because it wont be worth anything. I've demo so many skis that I know very quickly what works or doesnt work for me.

For the family quiver this season, I dumped 7 pairs but ended up buying 6 (new & used) pairs. I lost $ on some, made $ on others, broke even on others. In the end I probably broke even considering the amount of use we got out of some of the skis. So yeah, it is possible to do a quiver rotation with minimal net $$ costs
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Ski industry folk go through skis like car racers go through engines.

they're just skis.

However, there are also industry folk (Ski School Supervisors/Mountain managers) who don't get so wrapped up in the hype. I know plenty of guys who have daily access to pro-forms for any ski on the market but still ride last year's because this year's hasn't changed and it's a fricking hassle to spend so much time dealing with it.

I know pros on the tour who refuse new boots because they ones they have finally fit. Skis are similar. This... however... is epicski. The nerds.
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There is no method to the madness.
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