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ZipFit Hot Gear Bag???

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Hi all...new to forum. I recently purchased a ZipFit Hot Gear bag and am not as happy as the salesman said I would be. yes the bag heats up if I plug it into a 110V outlet and let it sit overnight. BUT I have a 11/2 hour trip to get tot he mountain. I plug in the 12V in the vehicle and it barely keeps the heat going. I can't even think about just plugging in the 12v with a cold bag....it will never heat up.

Does anyone have any experience with these bags??

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Welcome to EpicSki!

My experience is limited to the 110v outlet. I've been thoroughly happy with it in that regard. Is it possible that the 12v has a different purpose than the 110v?
I put cinnamon rolls in mine and they were nice and warm for the trip to the mountain.
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Leave to Trekchick to warm her buns in it....

The bag is designed to use the 110 to heat and dry the boots while the 12v is designed to conserve the heat from the 110 warmth. I have not used one for an extended drive but over my 30-45 minutes drives it has performed fine.

I do not believe the bag was ever intended to be plugged into the cigarette lighter cold and produce enough heat to do any good?
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Originally Posted by bud heishman View Post
Leave to Trekchick to warm her buns in it....
Some buns are worth keeping warm.
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Oooohh now I get it

Thanks Bud for the info. I will remember to plug in the night before. I have a 110V also in my vehicle and it did not work on that but does well at home.

Trekchick, thanks for the welcome........20 yr hiatus from the snow and now I am back. It feels sooooooo good...it is like I never left. Not crying about lost days, just looking forward to the great days ahead. A few days to get back the feel under my feet but it is like riding a bike. 20 years ago I lost ALL equipment....... 6 pair skis, bags, several pairs of boots, everything in a fire. This year I already have three sets in the quiver........warm buns in the morning.....hmmmm that sounds pretty good. I will keep that in mind!!!!!
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