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D Team tryouts Mammoth, CA

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Just returned today from a couple days observing the try outs in Mammoth. I understand the first day saw great Spring conditions top to bottom, However; the second day was so windy there was only one or two lifts running and were shut down at noon. The format was adjusted to cover more indoor work on this day and the first cut was made that evening. Wednesday began very windy and cold but the lower mountain lifts and chair three were running in the am then the gondola opened later in the day. The snow was very firm most of the day.

I jumped in with the first group to venture to the top. We traversed under the gondola to what I later heard Shanzy describe as "frozen chicken heads" which seemed very accurate as those Spring conditions from two days prior had set up like concrete. The conditions were so knarly that the selectors called off the task for that pitch and had everyone just get down and traverse to the face of three (note: the second group to the top ski that same pitch for scores which then the first group returned to later).

Today, Thursday the number was trimmed to 21 I believe and tasked with teaching assignments. The weather returned to beautiful Spring weather though a bit cooler than the first day keeping the snow very nice. I do not know all the names of the remaining candidates but I can tell you that Mike Rogan, Doug Perini, Nic Herrin, Schanzy, Mike Hafer, Robin Barnes, Heidi Etilinger, Elion ? from Squaw, and Jeb Boyd were still in the mix. Maybe someone else can complete the list? Absent were past team members, who chose not to retry were Deb Armstrong, Chris Fellows, ?.

The final selection will be tomorrow evening! Good luck to the finalists. Go PSIA W!!!!
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Dave Oliver from RM's Freestyle Task Force is still in the mix as of Friday Morning. I haven't heard much of anyone other than a few of those mentioned above...

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