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Happy Birthday Betsy!!

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Hey wife of boyfriend Happy Birthday! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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Yes, have an awesome day Betsy, and and extra slice of cake for me!

-Sometimes bumpfreaq
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Birthdays are a great reason to celebrate and you know how I love to Celebrate!!
Keep smilin!
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Hope it's a great one!
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Happy Birthday Wife

I feel very fortunate to have such a wonderful wife and partner who shares such a passion for adventure each and every day.

At last year's Birthday:

Often daring and first to launch...:

...and hard to catch :

Races the boys:

JUMPs into any situation and manages superbly:

Always has her boots on first and ready to go...:

Has the biggest smile:

Has hot girlfriends :

And is the very best to hang out with:

Come ski with me Birthday girl ...,

A lucky Husband.
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Happy Birthday!!!!!
Hope you enjoyed the Day!
The Nicest People I know, I always meet on the Hill!
Looking foward to a few turns together!!
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Thank you!

A belated thank you for all the kind wishes and one of the best ski and cake days ever with friends on 5/2!
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From another Taurus, Happy Birthday, Betsy.

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