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crack in ski boot

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I've got two pretty hard seasons on my lange comp 120 fr ski boots and one of them has developed a crack. The split is just over an inch long and is located on the top, in the thinner (more pliable) plastic between the second and third buckles, right where the top of the foot bends at the ankle. The more pliable plastic is there to ease entry/exit, but also proving weak enough to crack, either from getting the boot off at the end of the day, or from hammering the moguls.

Is there anything I can do myself to patch or fix the crack? Some kind of glue, epoxy or whatever that would fix the crack?
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All you can do is drill a hole of decent radius at the end of the crack so it won't propogate. You cannot fix this with epoxy.

If you have two seasons, >100 days, you will have significant plastic fatigue anyway - your boots will be tired springs with less rebound than desirable. Any treatment at this stage is palliative .
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drill the hole as Matt says, you can also have a race specialist rivet a small metal plate across the crack to reduce the stress and prevent further damage
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