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Tignes trip report - April 2008

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Tignes trip report 26-28th April
6 of us flew out on Friday 25th from Luton to Geneva. We arrived there, and were picked up by the transfer coach that took us to Hotel Les Melezes in Tignes Les Boisses. The hotel is basic, but clean and comfortable with friendly staff and great food. If you’re wanting 5 star luxury, look elsewhere, but if you want a ski vacation, it fits the bill perfectly.
Saturday morning we sorted out our skis. Because it was near the end of the season, I decided not to bring mine, but use the hotel’s rentals. I got a pair of Elan Speedwave 11s. They may not have been the fastest skis I’ve ever been on, but they served their purpose well.
100 yards walk down the road, and we arrived at the top of a cat track that took us down to Tignes-les-Brévières, where we took a bubble up towards the other parts of Tignes.
From there, we headed towards Tignes Le Lac and Val Claret.

The slopes were very quiet, so four of us went over to Val d’Isere, while David and George (his 9 year old son) stayed on the Tignes side.
The run down Face de Bellevarde was quite bumpy, and sugary near the bottom – if you don’t know that run already, you’ll see a lot more of it in next years World Championships, where the men’s events will be held.
After that, we stopped for a morning drink at the top of Solaise (which has probably the cleanest toilets in France)

From there, we took the rollercoaster to the Le Fornet area of the resort. If you’ve not been on that lift before, it’s an experience, but not for the faint hearted – up one side of a peak then down the other.
We stopped at mid-station for lunch, then began the trek back home.
On Sunday, we headed up the Grand Motte, where they have summer skiing on the glacier.

Conditions there were close to perfect snow.
Stopping off for a beer at l’Alpage on the way back to the hotel, we saw some of the (very tame) local birds.

This also gave George the chance to burn off some of his energy by making snow angels and running up the hill

Monday we went over to Val d’Isere again, and on the way spotted a few Marmottes, who were just coming out of hibernation.

(sorry about the quality, but it’s hard to take a good pic of them while skiing)
We finished on Monday at 3pm, showered and then left the hotel at 4 for our flight home.
It was 3 days of intense skiing, and a heck of a lot of fun.

More photos may follow, along with some of the tips that Spyderman gave me.
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Ahhhhh, a trip report from WTFH with snow, wildlife and alcohol! All is right with the world
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Ah yes, the rollercoaster Leissierres Express is fun. Very high pucker factor the first time over. I did Tignes/Val d'Isere in January 2007 - unfortunately the Grand Motte wasn't open at the time. I stayed in Val Claret. Even with 6 days of skiing, I never made it down to Les Boisses - that place is just too big.
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Thanks for the trip report Fox. At least you headed to the Alps while many of your countrymen head to uhh...Killington, VT ! : (Total mystery to me...)

That shot of La Grande Motte brings back memories though. Skied there, god - 1980! Powder you could blow away out of your hand! (Never had seen that in VT!) Only place I've ever skied in Europe in winter. Huge!!
We used to ski a great little bowl on the way down from the top of LGMotte. I think the funicular (underground trainlike transport) might start there now. I'd heard that when they dug the tunnel for the funicular, they got off course and had to correct.
I remember one day we just wanted to go from one side to the other. We skied down to whatever that town is down near the (tall!!) dam. Then took a bus back up. Took lift and skied to Val d'Isere and then another bus to that other town way left on the map. Basically just travelling with some skiing just to say we went end to end.

I loved the "self serve" pomas where you scan your ticket at the lift and pull the cord to release the pole. Seems odd, but these things are somewhat out in middle of nowhere. Those still around?

Trek- you def. need to go to Alps.
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Awesome. I skied a total of 10 weeks at Val d'Isere in my teens, and I credit the place with hooking me for life.
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