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MA - Spyderman in Tignes last weekend

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Background: End of season, low altitude.
Snow: Groomed re-frozen sugar
Early morning, day 1 of the trip, so far we have skiied about 200 yards down a cat track onto this blue run.

Note: Click on the pic for the original. Also, this is my first attempt at using Photoshop to do one of these montages, so any tips on how to do it better would also be welcome!
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Firstly big thanks to WTFH for fantastic picture.
My concerns with my skiing is firstly, that my left arm feels a bit reduntant and feels like it's being left behind.
Secondly, I am not square to my turn direction during medium radius turns and my hips are rotating inwards. Don't have a problem with long or short radius turns. I'm a bit too chest down the hill in medium though.
Any comments and ideas much appriciated.
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Hi Spyderman!

I have the same problem as you with leaving one arm/hand behind, but it's my right hand, not my left. I think that your form looks very good, but if I were to have you change something; and it sounds like you're aware of it alrealdy; I think that your're a little too countered or (chest down the hill) on your turns to the right; not so much on your turns to the left - they look really good to me. I'd also have you open your stance just a little wider. In frames 2, 5, 9, 10 & 12, you don't see much daylight. The skis that your on look to have a decent size side-cut that would probably be a blast to do some real carving on and they'de work a lot better if you opened your stance just a bit. Other than that, it looks like you had a great day on the snow! Were having a good time and skiing well!!! What more could you ask for! .
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My skis are Stockli Stormrider offroad XL's in 184cm
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Spyderman, you might want to take a look at my current thread on rotary. It deals with the concept of steering via rotation of the balls of the femurs in the hip sockets. You appear to be doing an abundance of it, and it's affecting the shape and flow of your turns.

Look at the amount of direction change your skis made in the last two images of your montage, and how countered you've become in the process. It seems to be happening in each turn. That abrupt direction change has created a big steer angle (direction the skis point in relation to the direction you're traveling, and has caused a major breaking to occur (see the snow flying in the last image). This will make for a roller coaster type ride, as you will tend to noticeably speed up between turns, and slow down during them.

Try driving your outside hip forward through your turns, so that it does not fall so far behind. For now, just try to keep them even, such that your pelvis is always facing the way your skis are pointing as you turn. If 100 percent successful, it would have you skiing too square, but in your current state, striving for total square would more likely just get you closer to where you need to be.

Also, study your tracks. Right now you are producing inconsistent steer tracks,,, narrower at the start of your turn than the end,,, and generally to washy all the way through. Try to produce tracks that are very narrow, and very consistent in width, from start of turn to finish. You'll know you're getting it when your tracks are barely wider than a carve track all the way through,,, and average observers can't really tell if you're carving or steering.
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Snowmiser, Rick,
Thanks for the great advice and taking the time to comment. It's something I'd felt and been aware of, I just hadn't had the opportunity to see it for myself before. I worked on it throughout the 3 days in Tignes, hopefully WTFH has some pictures from day 3, as well as these from first run, first day.
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