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Whistler in mid May

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I am planning to go to Whistler for few days skiing in mid May, I checked the on-line price for multiple days ski pass is about C50 per day, I also heard that one can buy day ski ticket for C$44 + tax at "7-11".

Anyone knows any better deal around?

Does "7-11" sell multiple days pass?

Thanks in advance.
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Things to note before you decide to go and spend you $$: Usually you can get discounted tickets at 7/11 in Squamish on the way to Whistler. They are out of tickets and won't have more this year. Also, only Blackcomb is open, as Whistler closed two weeks ago. This is normal practice late in the spring. The bummer is that only about half of Blackcomb is open contrary to normal years due to the construction of the peak-to-peak gondola. The skiing is still decent on the top but it can get busy with the limited capacity.
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Many thanks for the advice.
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It depends if you are planning a familly trip or an advanced skier trip..... No green runs are available and terrain is limited.....

Conditions are exellent and I had a great day yesterday skiing blacks and double blacks...... A little crowded in some places specially for the last run but still managable for a Sunday......During the week you basicaly have the mountain for yourself.....

Maybe not the best time for a first experience but it really depends on your level since the best terrain is still available....
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Any idea why they switched the late April/May skiing from Whistler to Blackcomb starting in 2007? It seems to me that Whistler would be much better with the mostly N vs. W exposure.

Can you ski Blackcomb Glacier/Spanky's, or is the lower part of the runout burned off?
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I dont know why they switch over to Blackcomb for the spring.... most probably for the installation of the new gondola........

You can still ski Spanky and the Glacier with the runout not affected....

The part that is close is around the Solar Coster chair and under (beside) the Excelerator chair....
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