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The Burden of owning skis vs renting??? - Page 2

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Originally Posted by Morrison Claystone View Post
In 1970, .....Now, the difference isn't so huge, but a well-maintained pair of personal sticks beat the heck out of anything you can rent.
  1. Rental boots still suck. Always have, always will (unless the rental counters can figure out how to do a boot fitting in 3 minutes or less)
  2. You can rent brand new top-of-the-line skis at any demo center - demo skis are as good or better than what most people own.
So, you're kinda wrong on both counts.

Moral: Buy boots and have them fit to your feet - there is no other way to have decent fitting boots (which is a prerequisite to progressing beyond beginner level). Buy skis only if you ski often enough that it's more cost effective to buy than rent from the demo center.
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Originally Posted by Morrison Claystone View Post
In 1970, the only burdensome thing was renting. People who owned their own typically had buckle boots and step-in bindings. Renters got stuck with lace-up leather boots and cable bindings. The difference in quality was astounding. Now, the difference isn't so huge, but a well-maintained pair of personal sticks beat the heck out of anything you can rent.
Imagine a pair of rental boots held in left hand (think concrete and lead)
Now imagine my pair of Krypton Pro with Intuition Power wrap liners, custom foot beds and about 15 hours of fitting work in your right hand (think light plastic and feathers).

Your left shoulder is starting to ache just from holding the rental boots and you haven't even put them on your feet yet.

Rental boots are heavy, ill fitting horrible germ pits and the main factor in preventing enjoyment for 90% of new skiers and retarding the progress of the 90% of beginner and low intermediate skiers.

There is still a huge difference but I would recommend that someone spend $400 on boots before they even went near skis.

But whilst we are on the subject of skis - most rental skis get an end of season wax, get thrown in a van and taken to storage, may get a start of season wax if they are lucky. They are 'tuned', during the season, in accordance with the skill level of the South African surfer, who has had three hours training, and his ability to remain undistracted by everything else that is going on in the shop such as screaming children, awful mothers, and the usual 'wow dude you should have seen how smashed I got on vodka red bulls last night' running my social life at work that goes on in most rental shops.

Rental skis usually have horrible edges, concaves or twists in the base grinds but most renters are so hampered by their painful feet and ill fitting concrete weight boots that they cannot tell the difference.

There is still a huge difference between rental and personal gear it is just a little less obvious at first glance.
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Maybe it's just selective memory on my part. The thing that sticks out the most about the rentals of my youth are the cable bindings that seemed to fall apart at inopportune moments, with the ski taking off down the hill while part of the binding was strapped to my boot, or they failed to release when needed. Fortunately, the sloppy boots had enough give to prevent me from ripping an ACL. The bindings and the boots masked the state of tune of the skis pretty well. I didn't actually figure out how to ski until I had my own gear, which was about eight ski days into my rookie season.

Having not actually experienced modern rental gear, I may have been giving too much credit for advancement in technology, but I still can't imagine any current rental stuff being as bad as what I learned on.
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Originally Posted by akaplan9 View Post
OK, so after 20+ years of renting I finally bought skis (this fact alone will probably generate alot of jibes).

But I never had any major problems when renting skis, always seemed to have decent fit for both boots and skis.

Now however my first two times out with the new equipment I have found myself researching/questioning alot of settings/tuning that I never had to worry about before. I have had some great runs on my new skis but I can't help but think some tweaks need to be made.

For example, when I rented from ski shops on the mountain they probably de-tuned edges, waxed, etc. and put alot of maintenance into ensuring the skis were safe and easy to ski. On the other hand, since most of these rental skis get plenty of use the camber was not active; they were pretty flat skis.

So I am thinking I have probably gotten use to skiing flat de-tuned skis? And so I probably need to make some adjustments?

Anyway, I had some great runs in late spring skiing in the Northeast (Bretton Woods, Loon, and Sugarloaf) but wanted to get others feedback on this issue of transitioning from renting to owning.

Actual equipment is as follows:

Boots Atomic Hawx 90, Skis Volkl AC Motion

Thanks in advance for any insights!!
I 've rented for years and have now owned skis for about 10 years. There's no way I would ever go back to renting skis again. I do demo high end skis on occasion.
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I was like you and enjoyed renting for the few years that I did it. I was doing ALL of my skiing out west just once or twice a year. That plus trying to travel with a newborn wasn't condusive to taking skis. I just bought my first pair in quite some time last year after the kids were old enough to help carry luggage through the airport (or at least not BE another set of luggage) and we also started skiing in Michigan again (my dd was old enough - 5 - to start needing more time on snow than the slidding around on snow for a day or two out west). I always had my own boots but found renting to be quite enjoyable. I never had to wait in line as we would get them in Denver the day before we went up and my brother would return them after we left.

Oh.... and for all of you fellows hiding your puchases from your wives.... you'll probably love my hubby's mantra:

"It's easier to get forgiven than it is to get permission." ::
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Re-visiting this thred afer some time away...enjoy reading peoples thoughts on this subject but truly now I am amongst privileged owners and still looking at all the great gear out there...

Yuki, regarding boots and stance, my Atomic H90s are alot different than any other boot I've skied before. I think it is more upright than I am used to and higher back. I think I could use some advice on how to work with them or perhaps consider going to a more traditional boot - I was thinking Salomon Mission. Any advice there?
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