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How flat is flat?

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I put a flatbar on the base of my new skis and noticed some concavity in front and behind the binding, perfectly flat under the binding. I can see just a speck of light in the middle. The gap is less than the thickness of a clingfilm. Is this acceptable? How flat should a flast base be? Time for a stone grind? I pulled a straight metal scrapper over the base and it picked up some ptex along the side, is this acceptable for a DIY flattening job? I am just about to commence on my journey to wax/tune up nirvana. Any pointer would be greatly appreciated.
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A spec as you describe would be more than acceptable.
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Originally Posted by Voltron View Post
A spec as you describe would be more than acceptable.
Thanks Voltron, now I will only have myself to blame if I fail to carve cleanly!
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You'll find a lot of the wider skis have low spots. Yes it's not important. As with most nicks, gouges and small hits the p-tex takes, you'll never feel them skiing.
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They're fine! Enjoy.
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