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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by spinheli:
Too bad the euro judges hate progressive skiing.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Could you clarify this statement please?

To say a group of people hate something is very strong language. You are putting words in their mouths. Have all european judges said they hate "progressive" skiing (which also needs to be defined!)?

I'm confused as to how you know this to be a fact, so would appreciate an explanation.

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I imagine that the judges are just judging the event under the rules set down by the sports governing body.

It is quite possible that the jugdes did a great job - just the rules suck.
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Well said Riccardo.

If we carry on up the chain I think we will find that this is another global conspiracy organised by McDonalds.
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Craigmont - having worked on WC Super G courses at Mammoth I can tell you that just skiing down an icy race track is no big deal. It is actually quite a bit easier than sideslipping down. The SG course here starts off at the top of Cornice bowl, a pretty steep pitch that drops off the summit ridge, far above timberline. Of course, if you fell, it would be pretty ugly, as a few course workers have found out over the years.

Wear the Fox - These are the same people who origionaly scored a mute 3 as a heli with a break of form, and a screamen seamen as a double daffy. Just ask Cussan.

Riccardo - Who do you think makes the rules? A bunch of lame ass euros would be a simple answer. Just one more reason FIS sucks.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by spinheli:
A bunch of lame ass euros would be a simple answer. Just one more reason FIS sucks.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Spinheli, your answer to my question, and the above response have clearly nailed your colours to the urinal.

Thanks, I'll shut up about this one now.

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I wouldn't slam the FIS judges too hard. If I remember correctly, the X-Games Big Air judging seemed way out of wack last year too.
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The FIS has a meeting every year to discuss tricks, and scoring. Apparently, the European judges and coaches have been extremely against innovation in moguls. This is why a quad twister is worth more than a 360 mute grab. "The quad twister not only scores more, but it's easier. You can make fun of somebody all day for doing a quad twister, but when they win, they don't really care. They've messed up the scoring process and reversed the motion of the sport." - Jonny Moseley Freeze Jan '02. Every coach except the US was against allowing the Dinner Roll in competition. Clearly, the European judges/coaches are not receptive to progession in moguls competition. Unless of course it involves adding another twist. Pretty sad.
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Again though - air is only 25% of the score, which is the way it should be. An awesome trick - but weaker run . . . gets the score it should.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by AltaSkier:
Maybe its because nobody cares if they get hurt?

Skiers are outstanding members of society, boarders are just pot-smoking losers with no-place to live.

NOTE- Since nobody can hear the tone of my voice, nor see the expression on my face, I feel it necessary to declare that this was said in sarcasim. I know that snowboarders are also car stealing thugs who would do bad things to your momma.

that is correct Altaskier.
I've heard an ex ski racer turned boarder say that many people ahve quit skiing to start boarding but no one quits boarding to start skiing but thats bullshit. I know three sport crossovers among my friends firsthand and two were boarders turned skier
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SpinHeli, I admire your ability to discuss an issue without letting personal bias and rampant europhobia getting in the way.
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Riccardo - Actually, I really like Europe. I have had some great skiing in the Alps, and the people are super friendly. Quite a few of my friends are Euros, as we have a pretty diverse bunch here in Mammoth. But the FIS has done a great job of blanding the hell moguls. Of course, they also took away three DH wins by AJ Kitt after European coaches protested races where their skiers performed badly. Let's not forget Spyder Wire; would it have been outlawed if Austria wore it instead? It's no wonder the King of the Mountain DH circuit has been very popular with star racers, the FIS politics are horrible. It is a shame they rule skiing, and try to rule snowboarding.
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Interesting reading; I know little about the world of competitive skiing and less about skating.. but it's looking like WWF Wrestling to me. Mosley had a great attitude in spite of the judging.bravo.
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So now, Mosely should have won if it were not for corrupt judging?! Come on, its a really cool jump -- but AGAIN jumps are only 25% of the score, and he was very obviously to the even untrained eye not as smooth and dynamic in the other catagories. He is a great athlete, but lets not start shouting "fraud" everytime a US athelete doesn't win - makes us look cheap.
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Spinheli, I would suggest that the US is home to some of the most corrupt and politically driven sporting organisations in the world. Boxing, anything in Nevada, New Jersey or Atlantic City.
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p.s. What is Spyder Wire? Sounds like an interesting story.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Todd M.:
...AGAIN jumps are only 25% of the score, and he was very obviously to the even untrained eye not as smooth and dynamic in the other catagories. He is a great athlete, but lets not start shouting "fraud" everytime a US athelete doesn't win - makes us look cheap.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

I totally agree with this issue in part. Mosely did not make as good of turns as say, Jean-Luc Bassard (sp?), but hey he didn't even make the finals! The race is over, Mosely didn't win, so what, life goes on. Mosely almost wasn't even on the US team this year, so I think he came out ok in the end.

Airs are only 25% of Moguls comps, however, I feel that the judges should take another look at what they are judging for the future events. There is no reason why freestyle mogul skiing should not be allowed to follow new school movements, its the perfect place for it. I still have a problem with Mosely scoring 1.5 points lower than other competors who didn't even do a heli. A quad twister is lame, my grandma could pull that off with some practice!

Edited because my spelling sucks!

<FONT COLOR="#800080" SIZE="1">[ February 15, 2002 08:52 AM: Message edited 2 times, by AltaSkier ]</font>
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by TheRockSkier:
p.s. What is Spyder Wire? Sounds like an interesting story.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

All I can find out about it is that it is fishing line.

So the US skiers were going to attach fishing lines to the Austrians to either tow the US teams down the slopes, or to tie one end to a tree, and cause the Austrians to fall. Or maybe they were going to tie them across the slopes like Where Eagles Dare, and cause the Austrians to fall.

Sounds fair enough to me.

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