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So I was trying on some Salomon Impact 9 & 10 boots the other day, since they were on bigtime sale. I figured I would stash a pair in my closet for the day when my Xwaves need to be replaced. The Impact shell is a few mm longer than the Xwave was, which means a 27.5 shell is somewhat feasible for me now (exactly a one finger fit). Previously 27.5 was a no go on the Xwave and I went with the 28.5 shell and a 1.5 finger fit (which has been fine once I went with a thicker footbed).

Anyway, the 27.5 shell is feasible now, but the damn liners are a good 5-7mm shorter than the inner shell length. It felt short on my foot (toes bunched up front to back), then I happened to look through the transparent shell and notice the gap up front between the liner and shell. I don't know if it's really usable space, but it seemed odd to me. I'm pretty sure that extra 5-7mm would make a difference in my case. I know I will pack out the liners in thickness, but packing them out in length doesn't seem as realistic. There is a lot of give/squish in the thickness dimension, but the length dimension of the liner is very rigid and not something I would expect to stretch. Or will it? Other than liner length, the 27.5 seems to be a good fit if I extrapolate to pack-out.

Are boot liners typically that much shorter than the inside of boot shells? I guess I never noticed because most boots have opaque material.