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How short can a tall guy go?

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I'm going for either the K2 Xplorer for skiing the whole mountain, steeps, bumps, pistes, trees, just general fooling around but capable of doing the bigger stuff.

I'm 6'4" and weigh about 95kg. I'm not sure wether to go for the 184cm or 177cm.

The reason i'm thinking about the shorter length is for the piste and through the trees and bumps where i'd like a bit more manouverability than the 182 skis i currently have.

Would the shorter length cause problems for me?

I need your knowledgeable help
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You could go short and get away with it, but at over 200 lbs I would go for the 184 if I were you. I'm 6'1" and 190 and I would consider the 184 for myself. You are 3" taller and 20 lbs heavier.

177 to 184 is only 2.75 inches. You'll get used to the extra lenght quickly and will gain stability at speed with the longer length.

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Weight is far more relevant than than height except when you're cranked way over and can use the extra lever length to get your angles. At 95 kg, you need the 184, period.
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Oh, and suggest that lessons will help with the tight spaces more than 7 cm of length.
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lol... don't i know it!!!

first thing i'm doing next time out is getting some 1-2-1 lessons arranged.

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On a basic level I have always said that your skis don't know how tall you are, just how much you weigh. As far as your "ski weight" is concerned it's a function of your weight plus the speed you generally ski, which translates into how much energy you are using to bend the ski. There are also technique factors of how much you jump on your skis, and weight distrubution during a turn.

I'm 6'5 and weigh about as much as you do. I have a couple of pairs of skis in 185 length and find them adequate in most situation, but too short sometimes. My powder skis are considerably longer but softer. With our high center of gravity it doesn't take much of a terrain or snow condition change to make you feel like you are going over the front of your skis with 177s. I'd definitely recommend going with the 184s. That's the right length for your size if you are skiing with resonably good technique.
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Just found this old thread, after deciding to get Xplorers in 184.  I'm 6'4", 235, so this is reassuring. 

I've skiied the Recon in 184 for a couple of years, but wondered if  the Xplorer's extra beefiness would make a shorter length workable.  But hell, I was on 204s in the skinny-ski years, so 177s would have just felt weird.
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