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Head IM 82 - what length ?

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Following some great feedback from here I am looking to buy some Head IM82,s just wondering what length. I am tending towards the 172s as they will be mainly piste skis with some bumps, trees, chutes. for powder days I will use something else so extra float not really needed.

Am 6ft. About 185 lbs and a level 9 skier.

Would like to test but will have no opportunity before I get onto the slopes.

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172 would work, Heads are pretty beefy, but the 183s will be better at speed. Where are you going to be sking them?

Just got the IM77 and went 181. I'm the same size as you but a bit lower level skier.

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If you are serious about the iM82 (or similar skis) then I think 172cm would be ridiculously short. Either wait for next year's new length (177 I think) or get the 183cm. I'm 6'1 195lb level 8, and would not want to go shorter than 183cm on this ski myself. This type of ski is meant to be skied about head height or not much shorter. My other skis in this category are 184-186cm.

Now, if you are shopping for a primarily on-piste ski, then I would look at the iM78, which would be great in 178cm for you.

At your height, weight, and skill level, I think it would be a mistake to go 172cm for anything other than a strong hardpack carving ski.
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Have to partly disagree with 219. Owned the 172's, weigh 165, found them wonderful but a little stiff for my purposes (60/40, lots of turns). So IMO you could use 172's and be totally happy if you wanted a ski that was easy to turn, handled bumps nicely, but still liked speed. Just as some people here who outweigh you enjoy a 170 AC4/40. Your other choice, the 183, would be waay too beefy for you unless you like to mach SG turns all the time, then it might work well.

But agree with 219 that the upcoming 177 seems a perfect compromise. One time it might pay to take a deep breath and not buy : right now.
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They have a slight twin tip so will ski shorter, I am 5'10" 150 and I would go 183, 171 really is just too short for your size, if the 183 is not designed for someone who is 6 foot and 185 then I don't have any idea who it is designed for.
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