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FIS Carving Competition

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I've recently heard of carving competitions. I understand that you can choose your course and wider is better. Anyone out there know the rules for these races?

They look interesting.
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Strange stuff!

I think both of them are A-framing to much when they're tucked in.
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You'll find the rules here:
It's a strange kind of competition, invented by some German and Austrian carvers with short skies and high heels.
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The only thing Im carving until December is a notch in my beach chair for every bottle of rum I finish this summer!!!:
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The March issue of SKI magazine featured an interesting article on carving competitions in Europe. Seems quite interesting.
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They require a change in sexual affiliation I'm unwilling to consider. I think it's Gae-Co. that manufactures the most popular competitive carving ski models.
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