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A first day story

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My daughter is eleven years old and has been skiing since she was about 5 .
She was born premature and was in the intensive care unit with 2 Dizygotic twins (completely unalike). The twins now live only 1 block from us and the kids have been friends since child birth.

I have been trying to get the parents to let them go skiing with my daughter for years but the parents motivation was just not there

About 4 years ago my daughter and I started skating a bunch. I wanted to get the twins skates because all they had were the crappy wal-mart jobs. Finally the girls got some nice Roller Blade brand skates for Xmas and the kids skate around a bunch every summer .

This past weekend the parents agreed to allow the twins to go up to A-basin for their first day on the slopes. The day before I had the twins in my yard in some old boots and skis teaching them walking, side stepping and how to get up from a fall and various other fundamentals the can just absolutely chew up a half day lesson.

When we got there I informed the instructor what I had done and she blew off that portion of the lesson and walked them strait over to the magic carpet and my daughter and I headed out for some spring turns.

In 1.5 hours the twins progressed from the magic carpet to Molly Hogan (lift served bunny hill) to the Exhibition lift (main lift). At noon the instructor handed me back two 1st timers that could go on any green run on the mountain under control. By 2:30 PM we had progressed to blues and one of the twins was just the width of a hair from executing a parallel turn.

It was an inspiring experience for me to see these two kids laughing and having such a bang up time and the 1st day.


I took them in for a break and they had a shot of water and jumped up and said lets go back out. They didn't want to stop at the end of the day so I turned them loose on the mountain while I went to get the car.

The instructor commented that the prep work I did and the fact that they both had experience on roller blades was part of the success.

I didn't get her name but kudos goes out to the Kiwi instructor at A-basin for doing a bang up job with these two girls. They did get lucky as they were the only 2 kids in the class. So there is something to be said for opting for a Semi private lesson with kids that have pretty near the same athletic ability. It's the fast track for sure. Also having your kids learn in favorable weather is a key component of success.

The twins went home, completely toasted, and immediately started to badger the parents to return to the mountain the very next day. They were frothing at the mouth.

I told the parents to get out the checkbook
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That is such an amazing story!!! : Those kids are going to drive their parents nuts!
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I can see this post printed out, placed in a frame and hung on the wall at the Ski School the next time you visit…a great testimonial for both sides of the registration desk.
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I love it when I hear stories like this.
But it has to be said:
Where are the pics?
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Great story!
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Originally Posted by Trekchick View Post
I love it when I hear stories like this.
But it has to be said:
Where are the pics?

I blew it. I have a digital vid and still shot and had intended on taking both. But I was concentrating so much on making sure everybody had all the proper gear ( I had to supplement) that the cameras paged out of my 128K memory

I am only used to one kid; throw 3 at me and I am bound to fumble something.
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It's amazing how difficult is to keep track of all that gear. Try 14 kiddos at lunch! :

I am so very glad you got them up and to A-Basin. I really like using Molly Hogan as their first lift ride on their own and did that last season with my group. The parents and I were all down on the beach after the race and the kids wanted to ski more so we let them go up that lift while we cold keep a watchful eye. They had a blast and learned so much about confidence and independence while we could still watch them.

Thank you for sharing your story.
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