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smuggler's notch, vt question

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I keep hearing that smuggs is a great place for families. Looks like good terrain to keep little ones and parents happy.

We had a few questions for those that have been there:

How are the lift lines? With double lifts that are slow do they get big lines?
How are their base lodges for day skiers? Roomy, comfortable?
How is their grooming?


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Lift lines can be long (just as bad as anywhere) no better, no worse.
Day lodges are not good for day skiers. Condo's are the way to go.
Grooming is excellent.

Overall terrain, will have something for everyone. Not a ton of resturants at night, better for in-condo cooking.
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Smuggs is known to be a family resort. This can be read as they have nothing but just lame trails for beginner and intermediates as best. The more accurate way to view it is that it's a ski resort for everyone at any level.

Like Ullr says, you can ski the day like the locals do but this resort is made for multi-day stays, including their accommodation, entertainment and instructions. A week is the best but at a minimal 3 days. Their day rate for a room is (at least it was) outragously expensive.

The multi-day accommodation is excellent. Most units with nice clean furnishings, well equipment kitchen, and state of the art appliances. Most unit even has a hot tub inside.

If you have really young kids (say 4 to 7), the place is like Disney on snow. The programs are endless. It's not to be missed. For teens and pre-teens, there's really not much there for them but they do have supervised gatherings after dark. But, if your kids are begging to stay out late, they are probably not skiing hard enough.

Their ski school is excellent, both adults and children (the latter is their bread and butter). We've been back for over 10 years and can't remember that we were ever disappointed (even though our kids have outgrown the cookie race age for a few years now). Instructors will teach to your level, including cliff jumping and rock skipping so long as it's (mostly) inbound.

They have a dedicated 1200 verticle drop mountain for green and aspiring blue skiers with mostly ski-in ski-out condo. It's all groomed with the exception of a couple of nice blue/black trails to test your skills to the next level.

They have yet another side hill with a separate set of trails hidden to the side for the even more timid/shy.

The upper mountains have some of the most challenging terrains in the East. And, there are very nicely long groomers too, ranging from nice cruisers to steeps.

There can be lines. But if you find them there, you can bet anything that it's longer at any of the other resorts in the region on the same day. But, if you go during a regular day, what line? Lifts are slow as compared to other big box resorts, but that is another way to keep the crowd down and the elbow room wider.
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Ditto re Smuggs

I agree with pretty much everything Chanwmr said. We went to Smuggs this past Xmas break (5 days -- wish we'd stayed longer). My kids (13 and 7) loved it; they still talk about it! We rented a condo so we could have breakfast, lunch, and sometimes dinner without having to go out to a restaurant. If you want adult apres ski activities, consider somewhere else. But if you have kids, and particularly if your family skis at different levels of ability, Smuggs is the place.
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