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What to do with old skis

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My dad has a bunch of old pairs of skis sitting in our garage. I have been thinking about taking them next time I go home and making something out of them. I was planning on making a bench or chair, has anybody done this or does anybody have any other good ideas what to do with them.
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If you want a tax write-off, I know the Princeton Ski shop takes them in once a year for a charity drive. You get a receipt for tax time.
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use for rail sliding purposes
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I have a pair of Salomon Force 3S that I picked up for a steal on Ebay. I'm gonna turn them into Shot Ski's (implant somehow about 4-6 shot glasses along the ski and have a stand). Take one down to the bar after a hard day on the slopes with some friends. [img]smile.gif[/img]

Sell the other one to recoup my costs
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I have one pair of Erbacher RS Turbo 205cm in fluro pink ... think they'll have to be painted if I'm to make furniture out of them as a bit bright. Also a pair of Fischer RC4 which are almost as tasteful ... and then there's the K2 Extremes which again are slightly on the bright side. Also got a couple of old snowboards that I may make a bench or shelves out of. Now I just need the house to put them all in :
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I like the shot ski idea, being a senior in college that might prove quite usefull. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Turn them upsidedown and place a 4" block of wood at each end, between the ski and the ceiling. Screw in place, repeat with the other ski a few feet away and you have an out-of-the-way ski holder. Now just slide the tip and tail of your current skis into your newly built skirack.
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