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I fight indians and pirates.
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I'm in the entertainment bidness.
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Artist,Gallery Manager,part time ski bum.
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Since age 6 I've been a would be pilot (military), got busted by the docs, good enough to be a (jobless) civil pilot, so
Been an HW engineer (repairing mainframes and its devices) for 14 yrs, switched to software at the beginning of 01...
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Bob.Peters:
I sell electrons, as in communications services.


Bob, I thought it was all about photons now? SONET, WDM and all that.
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Software Engineer for a big Financial Services Company (that I'm not supposed to name so as to not have my flame wars on the internet reflect on my otherwise sunny personality at work...)

Mostly big-iron: SQL, CICS, COBOL on OS/390 or Z/OS or whatever they call the big server now. Bits and pieces of Linux stuff slipped in under the radar screen.

Used to be a top 40 DJ on a "kilowatt cooker" but that was in another life. Back during my Karen Carpenter phase
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Roustabout, wrangler, sophist.
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PBR Bull rider.
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I answered that in my WRONG PLANTED PRESENTATION "INTRODUCING MYSELF" AT ski technique... :
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Bob sells it, I just have to make it work. He has the harder job.
I was a telecommunications systems & switch troubleshooter for years, but now I teach new techs how to be good ones for the company.
Warning: Geek-speak ahead. Avert your eyes before they glaze over!
BillH -
Although it's all about optical in the world of getting bits from A to Z, as of right now the light has gotta be
converted to electrons for us to do anything else with it (Like have it make sense to a human brain).
This will change as new fundamental componentry in the optical world gets developed, but it is harder to get real improvements to core optical tech than any of the salesfolks thought it would be.
SONET is a data transmission-framing standard for optical transmission, but all SONET signals are electrical up to the last point of being put onto the fiber for transmission.
WDM is the optical version of individual radio stations in the FM band. Multiple colors of light, each color carrying up to 129,000 phone conversations.
Amazing that this "one system per frequency" technique which has been around in radio for almost a
hundred years took this long to come to the optical world. Why? - Because the bandwidth needs were not there
until relatively recently. Right now, there is a bandwidth glut in the backbone systems,
the real chokepoint is the "final mile" connection from network to consumer, and there are
LOTS of companies trying to figure out a cost effective solution to that one.
Basically, a lot of issues that data has problems with are because the network was designed to carry human speech. Pesky things, those brains.
Geek-speak transmission ends, we now return to the real world of skiing.

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I design and troubleshoot irrigation systems. I work 60 hours a week durring the summer and work 4 "10's" durring the winter to ski 3 days a week with Mrs. Skicrazy and the many Skicrazy children. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I'm an Engineer from the Motor City. I design airbags for automobiles!

Rich From Mich

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My business card says I'm a Programmer/Analyst. But I beleive that I'm a Jack of All Trades and a Master of None. I do all kind of things around the shop. 'I've been here for 11 years, and I work with customers, customer services reps., other programmers and techs. So I don't know exactly what I do.
I spend as much time as possible Skiing in the Winter, and Biking the rest of the year.
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wife works
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Budweiser Sales Rep.

Brent [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by endlessseason:
I sell drugs.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

You sell drugs? I push drugs!

That, and I fill in as the occasional ski doc. :
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Research Assistant at a stockbrokers. Basically I do anything anyone thinks to ask of me...
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I am a research scientist and am mostly involved with developing methods to map seafloor sediments and benthic habitats (habitats of critters that live at the bottom) using sonar systems. I also work on the creation of an online geodesy (dont ask) course.

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Welcome one and all.
Brent, I'm an amateur taster for Budweiser. Unfortunately, due to my amateur status, they don't pay me, and I actually pay every time I get involved in a tasting session.
What would I need to become a professional taster?

Semed, do you use Synthetic Aperature Sonar for mapping? Just curious - an ex of mine was big into it for accurate object detection.

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Hi Wear the fox hat? (what's up with the question mark?).

I personally am currently not involved with synthetic aperture sonar systems, though some of my colleagues here are -- fun stuff! (yes, I AM a Geek). I tend to work more with multibeam, nbs and sidescan systems.

Cheers, Semmed

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The ? is because it's a question.
Scroll down near the bottom of this discussion for the answer.

Sorry, I don't know anything more about what she did using SAS (or maybe I'm not allowed to say)
"Quick, Smithers, fire the amnesia ray, they'll forget I said that" [img]smile.gif[/img]

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ahhh :
so... where is it :

I'm sure your girlfriend must have been trying to retrieve 'oildrums' that 'fell' of some ship's deck... close?

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That's it.

"Oil drums" that could stop "fish" from swimming safely.
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