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Corporate video & website writer :, French & German teacher :.
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A Firefighter(Lt. on ALS Rescue) for a medium sized town. Member IAFF.
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I thought Rhode Island was one *big* town?!
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What's up with *this*? Is this a new thing of yours?
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In most auto-formatting word processors these days, putting *'s around a word causes it to be put in bold. Old habits die hard.
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I sell drugs.
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Oh, for asthma and allergies.
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I'm one of those underemployed liberal arts majors one hears about; in this case a wine delivery driver. Keep thinking I should get a "real" job but I'd hate to have to work more than my current 4 days a week :
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I'm an accountant (CMA) by training. Working now as an implementer of accounting systems.

If you're in a mid size company ($3-$300 M US) looking for a great accounting system, known around the world, let me know.
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auto body repair,model engineer"steam engines"learning to teach children sking. :
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Union Thug.
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Controller for a currently struggling manufacturing company. At least our four day work weeks came during the winter.
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How come no one's said, "Ahaaaa" to Milesb's announcement?
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Same as Jimmy P.
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Design engineer and programmer, Boeing Commercial Airplanes.
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I sell electrons, as in communications services.

The more bandwidth we all use, the better.

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Full time environmental lab tech. Part time ski instructor, and occasional scuba instructor.
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Environmental Consultant working mostly for industry on regulatory compliance, permits, site clean ups, etc.
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Skiers are definitiely a diversified bunch.

mrs twoKiwis is a Software Engineer - I use the term engineer because I get involved in all aspects of building business applications from requirements through to implementation and training. For all you other software nerds out there, if you want to find out about an amazing object oriented language that my company has developed, check out www.discoverjade.com . It is not for the home user, intended for building serious business applications. (You could use it for home use but the license fees might put you off. There is a free education copy you can download)

mr twoKiwis help enforce the law
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I graduated as an Electrical Engineer, but always worked in software development. Eventually I moved to management. Today I work as a director with an organization that provides software for the financial industry.
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Also a EE. Working for a major semiconductor manufacturer in the communications area.

HINT: SCSA uses our stuff, though I have never met him. rick p
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I sell semiconductors.

The best thing about this year in my business? That is almost over....
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What I did, and what I do now...

Started as a cook in a Greek restaurant.

Advertising/Commercial photographer.

Sold cars for John Elway.

Internet/Ecommerce consultant.

Currently sell vibrators and dildos over the Internet.
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I'm a Ski instructor who went to the dark side and got a so called real job selling and consulting the Government on business information and decision support tools.

Happy Holidays
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I'm a Platform Engineer working in the North Atlantic Ocean for a big oil company.

Interesting to see so many environmentally inclined folks in the forum. They must appreciate the great outdoors in a way many of us can't understand.
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I'm a clinical laboratory supervisor in a medium size medical center.

I hope to become a ski bum when grow up! [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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I'm a clinical laboratory supervisor in a medium size medical center.

I hope to become a ski bum when grow up! [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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Sophmore in high school. Part time cook about to quit sunday is my last day and start as a sales associate at Radioshack in January. also do many computer repairs and upgrades
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