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Solitude, Utah Avalanche

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Around 11:30am this morning, there was a avalanch in the Twin Lakes area of Solitude Resort,Utah.
One person was caught in it for a few minutes, but was dug out by his partner, no injuries, no deaths.
The skiers were reportedly ski patrolers, checking the ava danger in the slide area, since this area is part of the Utah Inteconnect.
Avalanch danger wasn't to high according to the Utah Avalanch report.

Bottom Line (SLC, Park City, Ogden, Provo and Logan Area Mountains):
The avalanche danger is MODERATE on slopes steeper than about 35 degrees that face northwest, north, northeast and east and are above about 9,000 feet. Dangerous human triggered avalanches are possible in these areas. I expect the cold temperatures will keep the sun from starting any wet slides but if the snow does get moist, the danger will rise on southerly facing slopes. On slopes less steep than 35 degrees, at lower elevations and on south facing slopes that are not getting wet, the avalanche danger is generally LOW.
The above was posted on http://www.avalanche.org/~uac/advisory.html
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As you drive into Park City from Kimbell Juntion Look toward The Canyons You will see most of the Out of Bounds Mountains have let loss with an Avalanch. all the peaks around 9990 show some Avalanch debris. While skiing the other day at Park City around Thaynes Canyon I heard the distinctive roar of an Avalanch letting go somewhere in the back country. By The way did you hear about the 3 guys that got lost? They want out the gates of the Canyons into the back country and got lost. One of them had a cell phone and Phoned his Mother. She Called Search and rescue they spotted the threee at 9:30 PM but didn't get them out untill 3:AM. It was one vary cold night,low at my house was -3 could have been much colder where they were stuck. They were three vary lucky kids. Later they reported that they did not have beacons with them, yet they had shovels and probs. It's not to bright to go into the back country without a beacon.
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